Absolutely brilliant television commercial for Napster, out of the UK
(why don’t we have TV adverts like this in the USA?)

click for video


Warning: brief nudity:


Great Britain:  It must be interesting to live in a country where a tushie shot doesn’t send the entire nation into apoplectic seizures


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11 Responses to “Napster versus Apple”

  1. Justice Litle says:

    Re apoplectic seizures, check out ‘The Office,’ one of the best BBC comedies of all time… that show would give the FCC heart attacks (if their foreheads didn’t explode first)

  2. Pete says:

    For the love of PETE! lol. Just one night. Please.

  3. Dennis says:

    Wow, this is the best commercial I have seen in a long long time. Make you want to rush out and buy that babe (urh, napster)…

  4. Idaho_Spud says:

    Careful Barry. You might offend someone ;)

  5. JoeP says:

    lol – you bemoan the hysterical and silly american media hypersensitivity, then in the next sentence you cave in yourself and issue a warning of “nudity.” anyway, great link. thanks!

  6. dsquared says:

    consumer warning; there is actually no nudity in that commercial.

  7. Dave Evans says:

    As a UK resident, I can say such adverts are unfortunately rare. I think the US media is similar to the UK. Ads for Marks and Spenser’s new underwear range is likely to create some grumbles from some people!

  8. Chantelle says:

    I’m sorry, the mainstreaming of porn is tiresome. Substitute some gorgeous gaybot and have him shake his waxed ass to the camera to peddle a product and see how absolutely brilliant it is.

  9. I warn about nudity not out of fear of offending anyone –

    – have you figured out I don’t give a rat’s ass about that yet? –

    but because in a regulated industry like the Securities business, I do not want to get anyone in trouble with compliance dept. or their bosses . . .

  10. SteveW says:

    Too funny! Why post a warning if youre going to post a screencap of the offending scene directly below it?!

  11. Jon H says:

    That would be a better commercial if there were actually any songs on iTunes for which a 30 second preview is as bad as striptease interruptus.

    And maybe they shouldn’t have chosen a song almost 40 years old for the ad. The appropriate dancer for a 40 year-old classic song would be, I dunno, Mamie van Doren?

    It’s not like you’re missing some surprise ending when you only get to hear 30 seconds of Sunshine Of Your Love.