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Kudlow_company_2Yesterday, I did a podcast with Larry Kudlow about the holiday shopping season. Its posted online now.

Despite the kinda weird sound quality (we did it over the phone), and my usally nasal voice sounding unusally nasal, I am actually somewhat upbeat (surprisingly) about this Xmas shopping season.

This stands in stark contrast to my expectations, especially considering some of my previous comments about the potential for a 2006/07 recession.

If you don’t have Apple’s iTunes installed for Mac or Windows) you can download it here.

The following sites are mentioned in our discussion:

Kudlow Money Politics
Froogle, Froogle Maps
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Kudlow & Company Podcasts
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5 Responses to “Podcast: Kudlow & Company”

  1. hans Suter says:

    Barry, you can do better. I just loaded on my video ipod a huge presentation by Tom Barnett.

  2. nate says:

    hans Suter- you might find the site below interesting.

  3. Big Al says:

    You don’t hear your own voice as other people do, until you hear a recording, it can be a surprise.

  4. No, I’ve heard my own voice (via TV or Radio) 100s of times — this is unusually bad . . .

  5. The quality of the recording was awful, but that doesn’t matter. Your comments were terrific. Although I must admit after watching the prior edition of the show, Kudlow and Kramer, I almost expected to hear you yelling (aka Kramer) about the economy along with Kudlow’s calming voice. ;-)