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Make DJMT a Blog!

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On December 12, 2005 @ 7:34 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Here’s a great idea for Dow Jones: Why don’t you make Dow Jones Market Talk a blog? 

Its a great news service that is inaccessible to many people; (Have a look at GMSV [1] as an example of a media owned blog that works well). it would be a good branding exercise for DJ; and it would give DJMT credit for their role in furthering certain stories.

Example: There is a boingboing post on "How News is Made [2]" using the NFR’s +22% Black Friday weekend sales nonsense as an example. Seeing as how we here at the Big Picture had a hand in that debacle, we can safely observe that the bb discussion is accurate — but they leave out DJMT’s role in the saga.

Recall that upon seeing NRF’s +22% sales comment, I recognized [3] that it failed to comport with any other data on the holiday shopping weekend. So I got their release, took apart their methodology, and discovered boatloads of flaws. I wrote it up in my weekly commentary, which not only goes out to Wall Street, hedge funds and the media, but also gets posted here [3].

The very first mainstream media to pick it up was Dow Jones Market Talk; Although it is ostensbily part of a wire service, its really a blog-like like creature without a home page. (the text of their post is captured here [4]). The CNBC Econ reporter Steve Liesman picked it up, and did a story a day or two later. Then numbers guy Carl Bialik did a WSJ article on it [5].

But it all started with DJMT, and they get neither the credit nor the traffic for their good work.

This is my holiday gift to Dow Jones — a great idea for free:  make DJMT a blog!

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