Here’s a novel Real Estate idea: Sell your house like any other product to a willing buyer . . . Have them pay for their purchase, and then cart it away!

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This Glen Head house is about 2 miles from me . . .

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14 Responses to “House for Sale (Delivery Not Included)”

  1. Dave L says:

    But, but…

    What’s the asking price?!

  2. brad setser says:

    Someone will eventually figure out how to take west coast real estate and put it on an (otherwise empty) boat to China … a new export industry beckons.

  3. spencer says:

    Which is more valuable– the house or the lot?

    I’m willing to bet that the lot is worth a million and the house is worth zero.

    I suspect someone has already bought the lot and will tear the house down if no one takes it.

    See what they will offer your to take it off their hands.

  4. Blackwood says:

    The main expense in moving a house to a new lot is you have to pay the electric company to lift the power lines as you move it down the street. My local utility charges $2,000 per lift.

    Count the number of power lines you have to cross between its current loation and the new lot you want it on. This could be very affordable or very, very expensive.

  5. nate says:


    not China but other parts of U.S.

    California’s new internet enterprises enable migration from California.

    china may consume a lot of U.S. stuff. A lot of it may be copied. Digital Rights Management!

  6. calmo says:

    spencer, how can you say that? The house can not be worth zero. (no matter your appreciation for heritage architecture –think of the beams between it and the trailer: $$$) Lovely gambrel roof. There are tons of folks (yes real folks, not ordinary people) who would just love to paint this beauty year after year. No stucco box for them.
    It looks like the complement of ‘infill’. These old gems straddling(?) a couple of lots look out of place with those triple garages, so out they go. This one was worth saving –ask Mrs spencer.

  7. Jack says:

    If the main cost in shipping a house is lifting power lines, then maybe it would be cheaper to ship it to China – at least if it is currently near the coast. No power lines over the Pacific!

  8. spencer says:

    Calmo — I’m an economist– the house is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

  9. kmr says:

    Barry -

    I am a Glen Header. What road is this hiouse on?

  10. Taro Akasaka says:

    Who’s to say that China’s not going to start exporting prefab homes to the US at a discount to US construction prices?

  11. Spencer

    Its on Cherry, off of Locust –

    to get there, take Glen Cover Road North — turn West (kinda) on McCouns behind Brookville deli

  12. Marlow says:

    Good article! Here’s another opportunity to buy a house for $1.00 — you haul. This one is a one-of-a-kind architecturally-designed home that was cutting edge at the time it was built.

  13. jeff williams says:

    hello pls we need the estate we saw the pics today pls kindly send the picture to my mail box now pls we need the estate urgently we want to buy it now and all what in thge comp[ound on

  14. EjamesP says:

    similar situation in city of Orange, California $1 to purchase the house, $40,000 to relocate, and construction costs is another story.