Here’s an interesting question. A reader writes:

"I was thinking since the phrase "cult of the bear" is being so widely embraced especially on Real Money,maybe you can start using a counter label that that similarly derides the bulls . . .?"

I like the concept of the counter phrase.  Any ideas as to what they should be called? Here’s my short list:

The Bullish Herd

The Under-performers

Market Cheerleaders

The Hype Brigade

Long & Wrong

The one trick ponies

Happy Talk Squad


Add your own euphimisms in the comments below . . .

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79 Responses to “Market Cheerleaders”

  1. trader75 says:

    Not sure where the the term originated, but ‘Permabulls’ is concise and to the point…

  2. trader75 says:

    To get a little more creative, how ’bout Sunshine Pumpers… or Johnny One-Notes… or Kudlowites…

  3. Andrew says:

    How about “Bull Squad”? This could be abbreviated to BS.

  4. Drumsfeld says:

    How about “Cult of the Man-Cow?”

  5. Uncle Jack says:

    Cult of the man-cow! That has my vote.

  6. “Sunshine Pumpers” , LOL, hilarious. Permabulls is an apt classic.

    But fresh labels make good tv, how about the “Mindless Herd” or the “Stampeding Ones”? However I feel “Secret Shorters” or “pump and dumpers ” is more accurate for a number of them that appear in front of the camera.

  7. Apple in the Dell says:

    The one trick ponies

  8. Howzabout “The Steers?” They look like bulls, and sometimes they act like bulls, but in the end, they’ve got nothing.


  9. 23 says:

    Horny Bulls or Hornies

  10. Francis Khim says:

    The Bullheaded

  11. Francis Khim says:

    The Bullheaded

  12. Charles Levin says:

    well creamed bull has a nice flavour

  13. Luis says:

    I rather be known as “the optimist” than a “man cow”

  14. clif says:

    How about Nirvana Nuts!!

  15. nim says:


  16. john says:

    The Jim Cramer Experience featuring The Bullish Herd

  17. tom says:


  18. J_IA says:

    Holy Cows

  19. SS says:

    I don’t see cult of the bear as deriding…

    How ’bout “Rosie Ray Bans”

  20. SS says:

    I don’t see cult of the bear as deriding…

    How ’bout “Rosie Ray Bans”?

  21. penq says:

    ghosts of grandeur lost

  22. bp says:

    The opine of the bovine?

    The faction of cattle action?

    Do they “moo at the market” rather than bark at the moon?

  23. David Horwitz says:

    Mad Bull disease

  24. Larry Wing says:

    ‘The Pollyannas’

  25. CD says:

    how about “The Bunch of Bull”. An added bonus is that it reminds me of the Brady Bunch. How can you go wrong with Barry Williams & Co.?

  26. haraldb says:


  27. mp says:

    How about Hieronymus Bosch’s “…Ship of Fools”


  28. Bob L. says:

    The ‘Eloi ‘ Bulls of ‘Time Machine’ fame would be very appropriate.

  29. Bob L. says:

    The ‘Eloi ‘ Bulls of ‘Time Machine’ fame would be very appropriate.

  30. David Silb says:

    Herd Nation

    Mad Cow Clique

    Doin Da Bull

  31. robert moreno says:

    How ’bout:

    “The glass half full of Bullshiners.”

  32. David Horwitz says:

    something got messed up at your site: I posted Mad Cow Disease, not The Pollyannas

  33. Dennis Ahearn says:

    The Bloviating Bovines (with apologies to Bill O’Reilly)

  34. anonimouse says:

    I like “The Bullheaded.” There’s something fishy about so much optimism:

  35. GREG STROH says:


  36. I S Marki says:

    The Deniabulls

  37. Steve Haughey says:

    The Bullards

    The Bullyannas

    The Bowhiners

    Irrational Hornblowers

    Rainbow chasers

  38. James says:

    The BullShi%ters

  39. louay says:

    how about the bullish bozos

  40. Mike says:

    Too Full of Bulls

  41. blue][erring says:

    “Those that wear bull colored glasses.” it brings an interesting visual to my mind, that of brown opaque lenses rather than rose. also it implies that the wearers
    are only seeing what they want to see.

  42. RW says:

    Some of these suggestions are great. Ones that elicited the biggest guffaw and/or seemed spot-on and/or appropriately disrespectful from my POV were:

    1. Cult of the Man-Cow (nicely twisted, made me not sure I should be reading it)
    2. Bull Squad (nice image of collective muscle and excellent abbreviation)
    3. Sunshine Pumpers (ahh, double meaning, double meaning – like that a lot)
    4. Market Cheerleaders (pretty accurate when all is said and done)

    All hard to beat but I’ll propose “Sacred Order of the Sell-side” (SOS) just to keep the ball rolling.


    PS: Permabull is certainly the most recognizable but usually countered w/ “Permabear” — both are “one-note” stances so to speak — so the necessary contrast with Cult of the Bear which implies something more like a more complex social body or organization with a shared liturgy and secret handshake seems weakened.

  43. chuck says:

    the Woolly Bully’s, ya know
    wool over your eyes,etc.

  44. Mark says:

    “Sunshine Pumpers” is both naughty and nice at the same time. Love it!

  45. Smita says:

    Longhorns !!

  46. paul darby says:

    Crazed and Confused
    Fad Money Crowd
    Sad Money

  47. Dave says:

    Cow Now

    Texas Longwrongs

    Heifer Hogs

    Bull Bloats

    PS I think Barry is trying to stampede the herd with this hurtful humor.

    Bovine Blasphamy

  48. Dave says:

    Cow Now

    Texas Longwrongs

    Heifer Hogs

    Bull Bloats

    PS I think Barry is trying to stampede the herd with this hurtful humor.

    Bovine Blasphamy

  49. David Silb says:

    How about “Bull on Parade”

  50. David Silb says:

    er I meant “Bulls on Parade”

  51. e-jay says:

    Cult of the Tenderloins!!

  52. trader75 says:

    Also note — if the word ‘Pumpers’ is a bit strong for the MSM, ‘Sunshine Brigade’ is less caustic yet still retains the flavor… and Brigade is just a cool word.

    It makes me think of hyperactive firemen, eager to douse any outbreak of pessimism they see. The WSJ does this constantly with their breathless earnings headlines, e.g. “Yahoo profit soars, but fickle investors sell anyway.” Stupid old fickle investors!

  53. bdtobias says:

    I’m quite fond of the term “HYPERBOLISTS”, it can be applied to so many over the top, serial exaggerators.

  54. Steve Haughey says:

    The Cult of the Three Monkeys

    “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil”

  55. Aristotle says:

    hhmmmmm, I smell BBQ!

  56. betsy o'shea says:

    how bout gazarelli gang or bull leggers

  57. JM says:

    how ’bout bragadocious or bamboozled bovines?

  58. dirge says:

    bdtobias’ “Hyperbolists” could easily be converted to Hyperbullists.. or is that too much?

    Cock-and-Bull Enthusiasts is my contribution though the Sunshine Brigade is awfully nice.

  59. Bryan g says:

    I’m liking The Sunshine Brigade

    good ring to it

  60. BobOh says:

    How about “The Steer Clears”?

  61. anon says:

    i know you are a seinfeld fan. how about “The Bizarro Bulls”.

  62. JWC says:

    I like you Hype Brigade the best…. that is all they are, a bunch of Hype…

  63. Jordan says:

    The Kudlowites

  64. Greg says:

    Many good suggestions here. Catchiness is more important than double-entendres or other wit that might be lost on the masses. Therefore, my vote goes to either:

    HyperBullists or

    Bullheads (“School of” ..?)

  65. john mcnamara says:

    Sect of the eternal pollyannas.

  66. tom de see says:

    how ’bout tough taurus’

  67. PC says:

    How about Long Gone!

  68. SINGER says:

    The “No Down” Side

    The Cattle

    One Eyed Willies

    Speculation Nation

    The Sunshine Gang

    The Interested Party

    The Blowoff Brigade

    Team Silver Lining

  69. mark says:

    For those who remember the ’90′s: “Battapaglia-bots”

  70. muckdog says:

    The Moon Shot Crowd

  71. brian says:

    the Bullshitters (too graphic?)
    the Toreadors…
    no. the Rodeo Clowns!

  72. brian says:

    Actually, upstream someone said the Bullsheviks. That’s perfect.

  73. Idaho_Spud says:

    Feedlot Cattle

  74. Kevin Berner says:

    As a tribute to Hoofy the Bull, “Hoof in the Wall Gang” or “Ste-er do Wells”.

  75. todd says:

    Long Duk Dong?

  76. bt says:

    Greater Fools
    Mesa-Never-Sellsa Club

  77. m says: