I am home with the flu today (pretty miserable).

The oil company just made a delivery: 155 gallons @ 2.7999, for a grand total of (brace yourself) $435.52

I suspect that a lot of home owners/energy consumers are in for quite the rude surprise over the next few months . . .

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13 Responses to “Oil Delivery”

  1. Andrew says:

    How long is that amount expected to last? If that is for the rest of the winter then it isn’t so bad, if it is for a month or two then it is (compared to NG).


  2. nate says:

    What will the impact on retailers?

  3. me says:

    Yes Andrew, a friend on mine in Georgia just received her NG bill and it was $450 for the month. Of course in Georgia we have deregulation and poay the highest of any contriguous states.

  4. Popp@-b3ar says:

    Shock number two will be your next credit card statement! Minimum payments go up this month to interest + 1% of the balance. I can’t believe how little coverage this is getting.

    A big 1-2 punch to the consumer this month. I can’t imagine how this will not play big.


  5. D. says:

    When we bought our house in 2001, we paid 500$ twice a winter. Now they seem to be coming every two to three weeks for a partial fill-up in the same amount!

    They’re smart.

  6. Not to brag (well, yes, to brag) but I live in Los Angeles. ;) I think we’ve turned the heater on once this winter. Of course, we’ll all be killed by traffic and/or earthquakes and/or rampaging celebrities.

    Feel better, Barry!

  7. danny says:


    1. tea with lemon and honey
    3.boil water in kettle; go to sink;close drain; pour water; inhale vapors
    4. buy copious ammts of gatorade
    5. chicken noodle soup – 2X a day

    i’m still getting over mine – its been 1 week and im still sick

  8. David Silb says:

    Barry, you don’t keep any chickens at your home do you?

    If so, please call the 1-800-CDC alert line. They will dispatch a friendly team of biosuit wearin inspectors to “check” on your condition. If your lucky you may get a free ride to one of our military bases for further “checking”

    Stay warm (hehe) at those prices I’d be burning the living room furnitiure it’ll be cheaper to replace.

  9. Matt says:

    Actually, plain old H20 would be better than Gatorade. Gatorade is very high in sugar and sugar suppresses the immune system. Unless you’re a semi-serious athlete, you shouldn’t really be drinking Gatorade. You’re likely taking in more calories drinking it than you burned exercising…

  10. Chad K says:

    Total yearly cost for NG in OP, KS is approx $1100-$1400. I believe our weather is very similar to yours this time of year. Fortunately they have this nifty even-pay plan that lets you pay one flat fee all year..

    I used to get $360 gas bills a few years ago. I’d imagine with the inflation of NG, that’s likely equiv to $550 or so today. Of course, fixing up a few air leaks in the house has lowered our overall energy consumption greatly, as seen on both the electric and gas company’s web sites.

  11. royce says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t lock in heating oil rates last summer. Too bearish on oil stocks?

  12. JoeBlue3 says:

    I live in Georgia in a 1916 house that used to be a sorority house. It has the energy efficiency of a Hummer 2 thanks to the massive windows, but we are very cognizant of reducing the temp at night and while we are away.

    During a mild November our natural gas bill was $142. During a fairly cold December, our bill was $715. Yes, $715. The gas company said that nothing looked out of whack with our therms or usage and that it is a correct bill.

    I wish they would have printed on the envelope “Bend Over” before I would have opened up the bill.

  13. AllenS says:

    Ferrellgas, my propane supplier, just filled my tank yesterday (this is western WI). Price – $2.009, Propane – 297.7 gallons, Amount with Hazmat fee and tax – $601.18.