Been working on several writing projects (no, not a book), some of which get announced today.

Watch this spot today for an announcement!


A)  Cult of the Bear, Part I is fully loaded; Look for part II on Monday

B) WSJ Econoblog is live: Reasons to Pout?
Its a more casual, conversational back and forth about the economy and markets.

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5 Responses to “Projects Underway”

  1. Anup says:

    You are not going move or change your job, are you?

  2. Anon says:

    Barry previously mentioned an upcoming BWeek article, so I checked their site. Guess whose mugshot is on the front page?

  3. Ha! I didn’t even know about that.

    Thanks for the head’s up . . .

  4. MPM says:


    Congratulations on the transition to independent research firm and hedge fund partner. As mentioned before, I find your analysis spot on.

    Good luck with your new ventures.


  5. drudru says:

    Hey Barry,

    Yet another good article. I sympathize with your outlooks. I just believe that the game right now, is to keep the game going.

    Again, it reminds me of many large systems where the disconnect doesn’t come until it is way to late. Think Apple management 1990-1995 or Sun management from 1997-2002. The momentum is huge.