Is it just me, or has technical analysis even crept into the comics?


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4 Responses to “TA Infiltrating Everywhere!”

  1. B says:

    Speak of TA, I’d like some. Oops! You meant technical analysis. Hey, did you just see Soros on TV over at this Davos boondoggle where even Angelina & Brad are now setting our political agendas? Heck, maybe they can do better than politicians.

    Soros was just interviewed and said “Complacency is in the air over here. It’s a little like dancing on the Titanic.” That is prescient. And is part of TA. Now, I temper it coming from George the grump but………….true?

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Say, isn’t that a triple bottom formation?

  3. Jordan says:

    Technical analysis still doesnt get the respect it deserves. I think there are 3 forms of analysis- fundamental, technical and psychology. The fact is, fundamental analysis is derived from something that is not a fact or scientific. TA’s advantage is that it is derived from market action itself. What your are analyzing is data basically, whereas with fundamentals you are looking at a number of different things that aren’t known facts. Also, if a company has good fundamentals, it will be implicit in the chart of the stock. I rely mostly on charts but it’s best to buy stocks that have bullish charts and bullish fundamentals.

  4. todd says:

    Has anyone else seen that “Channeling Stocks” dude on the late night infomercials? How much money is that guy helping people to lose? LOL

    TA is a good indicator of where a stock has been, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on some kind of candlestick pattern… you need an idea of what the stock will do and then let the TA confirm your theory.

    My AAPL short is on fire, and now that it broke the 50 DMA I may let it run some more. I’m don’t think AAPL breaking the 50 DMA makes a good entry point though…