This is becoming a regular gig: 
Today’s show is 
Kudlow & Company, CNBC today at 5pm. We are scheduled to be on from 5:00 to 5:45 pm, plus or minus a few minutes.

Topics for discussion will include Unemployment Levels and Labor Participation Rate, and why The Street Get Inflation Exactly Backwards.

I’m thrilled to be with Marketwatch’s
Herbert Greenberg, whom I have read for years. Susan Byrne of Westwood management willbe on, as will Cult of the Man-Cow founder Noah
Note that because of the Olympics,
this will be the last week of Kudlow until March . . .

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5 Responses to “Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (2/9/06)”

  1. royce says:

    Love the blog, Barry, but I can’t watch Kudlow any more. The format of the show is a bad joke. I know you try, but Kudlow inviting on four people to talk in 10 seconds sound bites is a total waste of everyone’s time. Makes Cramer’s format seem deep by comparison.

  2. David Silb says:

    HEHE I agree totally with Royce. Cramer….Deep….Now that’s funny!!!

    And preempted for the Olympics??? Well I guess, if you think CNBC viewers care more about sports. I watch the Olympics, but they don’t rule my life. I like all my shows, but I guess NBC knows what they are doing.

    Ofcourse my sports fanatic friends swear by ESPN and don’t know where CNBC is, so hey, you know why argue the point.

    I wonder what the line up on CNBC will be? I hope Curling that I like to watch. Guys with brooms sweeping considered athletes. Cool.

  3. Mark says:

    Dear Barry-

    We trust that you will adhere to our product placement guidelines and that The Sweater will be prominently featured in this and future media exposures.

    Very best,

    Mark McCormack, President
    “The Sweater” Marketing Group LLC

    P.S. Our team has reviewed the marketability of “The Hands” per your repeated suggestions and has , sadly, found no interest among our many channels of exposure at this time.

  4. joe says:

    I don’t believe anybody has bought this up yet, but it will get a growth guy like Kudlow’s motor revving: Growth as an element of national defense. The US economy has been the one of the main weapons in victory in wartime. From the northern emerging industrial economy crushing the agrarian south in the Civil War, the Arsenal of Democracy in World War 2 and the Cold War our economy has bought victory. Now we have an emerging superpower with the worlds largest standing army growing at 9% a year and catching up to the US quickly. For this reason would it not make sense from a national defense standpoint for the Fed to let the economy grow faster?

  5. Greg says:

    Barry, I think you have had a positive effect upon Kudlow. When JJC left the show, I couldn’t stand LK’s incessant, strident posturing. Didn’t watch for six months. He and the show seem different now. More balanced, if that’s possible. Perhaps the producer had an insight. Anyway, you add value by your on-air serene gravitas… despite the sweater.