Be sure to check out the Paul Desmond
interview — it should be up this weekend, in 2 parts. (and, contrary to what
you might have expected, I was smart enough to let him do most of the talking!)

If you do not know who Paul Desmond is, he’s the President of Lowry’s
Service, which costs a pretty penny and is very highly regarded by the
institutional community. Desmond is known as a "Technician’s technician." His
work has been ground-breaking, and his prior analysis on how market bottoms
develop won the Charles H. Dow Market Technicains Award in 2002.

We discussed his recent paper on market tops. It’s utterly fascinating, and
I’m going to bet it is the early favorite to win the MTA award again.

The interview is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done at Real Money –
Part II about how to spot market tops especially wicked.

Don’t miss it.

Category: Technical Analysis

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5 Responses to “Paul Desmond interview – coming this weekend!”

  1. Barry,

    Speaking of “tops”, if you have not already, check this out, its “whack”.

  2. fatbear says:

    Gee, and he wrote “Take Five” too – what a guy!

  3. Mark says:


    If you could get back to us on our recent correspondence as to whether Mr. Desmond is a likely candidate per our product placement needs, we would appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    Mark McCormack, President
    “The Sweater” Marketing Group LLC

  4. Funny you mentioned that:

    I was in a Yellow solid sweater today — Kudlow’s on hiatus during the Olympics, and I figured I was safe.

    Wrong. CNBC Closing Bell called, something about the Icahn / TWX discussion, which, really, who cares much about? Icahn looks like a putz in this one, AOL/TWX is an irrelevant company — so I had to pass.

    But I chuckled when I thought about you and “The Sweater” ®

  5. Andrew says:

    Hello Barry-

    Surely you’ll post the link once it’s up?