This is terribly amusing for a Friday afternoon.

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Enjoy the weekend . . .

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5 Responses to “Monkee Trader”

  1. Eclectic says:

    Now, I have to admit something:

    I feel a bit like the monkey… or like the most beautiful girl in the world said yes and I got cold feet… like I won the lottery and lost the lottery ticket… like the proverbial ship sailed, my ship that I’ve waited all my life for, and it’s never, ever — ever — going to sail again, and I missed it.

    It’s like I’d been in on the IPO for Microsoft for 10,000 shares and sold it weeks later with a 10% loss… like I’ve been given the key to the universe and it rusted…

    Generally, what I’m saying is that today I’m so submerged in this sea of optimism that it makes me nearly wet my pants. I have to stand back from myself and observe myself, objectively… and it’s not a pretty picture.

    It’s like hunger… like sex… like the driving emotions of addiction. I want to buy, buyeye buyyss buyyy!!!

    I need helpppps mmee needdddss hel;op plleeeeessssseeee heeellpppp meee!!!

  2. Dan Green says:

    Still one of my favorite Web sites ever. The comedy is endless.

  3. Eclectic says:

    Dan, I need help… and all you can do is comment on my comedy?

  4. Eclectic says:

    Oh, and sweet Jesus… Elaine… you sublime goddess, you!

    You’ve always been right… I’ve looked it up… You haven’t been wrong ever, in your entire career… not even once, not since Moses did the IPO on dirt.. You are the uber-right ONE, supreme in all things.

    I bow to you… give you the alms you deserve… Please forgive me… I’ll buy Monday… buy… buy BUYYYYY!!!!!

    The economy is the best it’s been in a thousand light years!… How could I have ever doubted you?

    Oh, Elaine, Elaine!!, you sweet, sweet Princepesa!

  5. Eclectic says:

    BTW, that’s Elaine Jones. She lives down the street on my block.

    She has this nasty habit of showin’ me her mutual fund statement and rubbbin’ muy damn face in it!