As of yesterday’s close, the year-to-date gains for many of the major indices – excepting the first week run up – have been eliminated.

As of last night’s close, the NDX, the S&P500, and the Nasdaq comp are below the opening weeks’ highs.

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DJIA:  The Dow sits just above its opening week highs:

The Russell 2000 is the one stand out, appreciably above its first weeks’ finish.

Essentially, the entire year’s performance gains have come from that single week’s run up.



UPDATE:   April 18, 2006  12:39pm

Note: I whipped these up before the open —
Better make that one week and a day!


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5 Responses to “YTD Charts: NDX, SPX, Nasdaq, Dow, Russell 2000”

  1. its not over till the cats and dogs run

    and the russel has run

  2. GRL says:

    Most members thought that the end of the tightening process was likely to be near, and some expressed concerns about the dangers of tightening too much, given the lags in the effects of policy.

  3. Mark says:

    Hmm. Maybe I should ignore all the technicals and get on the gold and metals bandwagon. B, coming along?

  4. trader75 says:

    Man oh man, how about the Yo-Yo moves coming from this Fed.

    They’ve already done Hop the Fence, Brain Twister and Around the World. Now they’re working on Dizzy Baby and Double or Nothing. Let’s hope we don’t see Gravity Pull or Atomic Bomb.

  5. todd says:

    Better than these guys:

    Saudi market plunges 8% more

    The Saudi stock market plunged another 8 per cent on Tuesday, taking its fall over the past nine days to 26 per cent.