About time: Yahoo joins You Tube and Google Video in the video hosting/user generated content space. Yahoo’s blog has more background info.




I guess this means we should see one from AOL circa 2014?


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Elise Ackerman
Mercury News, Thu, Jun. 01, 2006

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3 Responses to “Yahoo Video Goes Live”

  1. Robert Cote says:


    Anyway, my 12 year old daughter is a wealth of data points. You Tube was her “turf.” She was dissapointed when I not only knew what it was but told her it was way kewl. The difference is that YT et al are not businesses worthy of investment. Gap/Old Navy was probably the last to get on this train and they are brick and mortar. Starbucks has peaked but Nickelodeon may be on to something. The whole thing is about disintermediation and the massive devaluation of content. Disintermediation means music will get cheaper and better. Devaluation means exactly that. Disinflation is being distorted. $18 albums were inflationary but not noticed, $1-$0 distribution likewise on the downside in the offical ledgers.

    Corel killed the value of digital images. Audio and video are just laggards.

  2. post pc says:

    you mean http://communityvideo.aol.com/ ? oh and it’s europe, australasia and the far east :P


    BR: I stand corrected!