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What is Apple’s New Digital Product?

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On September 7, 2006 @ 3:00 pm In Film,Music,Technology,Television | Comments Disabled

Aapl_2 [1]

Lots of buzz in Macland today as Apple gets upgraded by UBS [2], and tacks on $3 beans. The analyst there predicted the company could "multiply" revenue with new products:

"Next Tuesday we believe Apple will unveil a major move into the digital home with the potential to multiply its revenue streams. In addition to potential new nanos and movie and video services, we are excited about potential products through 2007."
-UBS analyst Benjamin A. Reitzes

The obvious bets have been an ipod enabled cell phone, and what I suspect is a gimmie: the already well discussed larger screened iPod [3] combo with  iTunes Movie Store download [4].

Let’s fantasize a bit about what might be more intriguing options: Looking at their iMac line up, the 24 inch model with Front Row software [5] got me thinking: Sure, that’s fine for a dorm room, but what about the rest of the TV consuming country? They want bigger and bigger screens.

Here’s what I want: make me a 40" version of an iMac. Bring this in so it only costs marginally more than other flat screens — figure $3500. (Eventually, roll out  a 50 or even a 60 inch  version for $4500  – $6000 clams).

Build in all of the Front Row software controls into a full function remote control — TV, DVD, music, etc.  Then (just for laughs), build in a DVR or TiVo for that matter.

Apple would have a break out hit, and take total control of the digital living room like no one else has been able to.

Front_row_1 [6]


sigh . . .  we’ll just have to be happy with a 4 inch screen ipod and downloadable movies (like anyone I wants to wait 2 hours to download a $9.99 movie? ).

UPDATE September 7, 2006 5:33pm

Last month [7], we discussed Amazon’s new video download service: Unbox [8].

As KirkH [9] points out in comments below [10], it is now live [8] . . .

Amazon Unbox

Unbox_1 [11]

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