On Friday, I taped one of the weekend chat shows:  Wall Street Journal Report With Maria Bartiromo. Its on today, NBC at noon, and then again this evening on CNBC at 7:30pm.

Maria interviews Noah Blackstein and I about Tech, market conditions, and where we go from here. Noah and I last appeared in June (where I was short term bullish). We discuss Google and Apple, as well as Safeway (SWY) and Campbell Soup (CPB), along with a slew of overseas ETFs.

WSJR is taped — we shot about 18 minutes, which then gets edited down in about half — so I have no idea what actually shows up on screen. 

Coolest part of the WSJ Report: Your name actually shows up on TiVo!

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2 Responses to “Media Appearance: WSJ Report With Maria Bartiromo (10/22)”

  1. Leisa says:

    BR–Puplova mentioned Lowery’s retraction on bear market again this week. Would love to have an update. My own conclusions in seeing all of the “stuff” written over the past year or so is that there’s a great case to be made on either side of any argument about what the market is going to do from a technical or fundamental perspective, but nobody really knows.

  2. Eclectic says:

    Here’s a good crowdsourcing topic, since this thing with Maria evidently bombed:

    T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-M…. the forgotten threat.