A quick heads up:  If you are in front of a set this morning, I’ll be on Bloomberg TV (US) today at 10:05 pm for a quick Earnings / Econ / Markets discussion  . . .


UPDATE November 15, 2006 11:33am

I was just at Bloomberg, and bumped into Paul Kasriel of Northern Trust (in town for a forecasting award) and Caroline Baum (Bloomberg’s Economic Writer, and author of Just What I Said: Bloomberg Economics Columnist Takes on Bonds, Banks, Budgets, and Bubbles).

We had an interesting conversation


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8 Responses to “Bloomberg TV (10:05 AM, 11/15/06)”

  1. GRL says:

    Maybe you can explain why this market keeps going up. I have a theory: capital flight from China. But that’s only the most unfounded of speculation.

  2. HS says:

    futures are pushing the market up. the tail wags the dog. someone with a little capital pushes the futures up to trigger buy programs and it just feeds upon itself.

  3. Polly Anna says:

    “We had an interesting conversation.”

    Uhhh, about…

    Caught you on Bloombabble….my favorite financial TV BTW. You almost sounded like a Bull with a conspiratorial twist. Maybe you should found a chapter of the Conspira-Bulls. Something like, the market is going up but not for the reasons you might think.

    You didn’t mention running into Ken Fisher…are you guys not friendly? He and David Tice had an interesting exchange.

  4. mojave says:

    pollyanna – good one! (your email). Ha!

  5. S says:

    There’s something about Suzie Assad……

    Shoulda impressed her with one of those oh so stylish sweaters.

    BTW, Caroline authored an article on Bloomberg today pointing out that consumers are not spending all the savings they have realized from the decline in gas prices. She uses a quote or two from Kasriel.

  6. I didnt bump into anyone else . . .

  7. Polly Anna says:

    Yeah, sorry…I realize now I wrote that as if you ran into him but didn’t mention it.

    He was on a little later in the show with Suzy and I thought you might have laughed it up with him in the green room or something.

  8. Tad L. Monroe says:

    What happened to the old format?? Why do you not show the listing of stocks? We used to watch it all the time, taking note of our various stocks, now there is no information at all. We don’t care for your “newsy” info, we want to see the stock changing up or down.