Back in March of this year, when the WSJ began blogging, I offered some unsolicited advice (WSJ Joins the Blogging Crowd).  Including amongst several other  tidbits of counsel was these bon mots: Free the blogs.

It turns out they are doing just that — at least with Marketbeat, their blog on "market-moving news and analyzing interesting trends and numbers." 


Next up: Freeing Dow Jones Market Talk . . .

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5 Responses to “Marketbeat Freed from Firewall”

  1. Eclectic says:

    What zackly did you mean by ‘free the blogs?’

    I read your initial ditty again, but it’s not clear to me what you meant.


    Ride dat there wave.. Who’s next…? Let,s just blog ourselves into High Heaven…..! I’m confused….!

    Best regards,


  3. Eclectic says:

    Well, Meesta Economista…

    It looks like we’re the only two peckerwoods to show up tonight, so let’s at least entertain each other.

    Just saw Brian Williams (NBC anchor) tell Eisner that he didn’t tell his wife of (a number of;) years who he voted for.

    You belive that?

  4. Eclectic says:

    ……..the place is a ghost town tonight!

    …must be a shoe sale at Bloomingdale’s.

    –I Quit!–

  5. vfsv says:

    The news & statistics have always been free at:

    Thanks for visiting the site!