Today is a tv two-fer:  I got tagged for CNBC’s Closing Bell at 4pm.

Maria will be interviewing me and  Noah Blackstein and Henry McVeigh of Morgan Stanley about the market rally, and where we might go from here.

Between the PPI data yesterday, and today’s FOMC minutes, we should have plenty to talk about.

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11 Responses to “Media Appearance: Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo (11/15)”

  1. CA Guy says:

    Barry, you are a lucky guy. IMO Maria’s beauty is the only reason to watch CNBC.

    Knock ‘em dead, you have a great blog!

  2. Albert says:

    Barry, very nice job.
    In terms of content, I guess I’m more bearish than you, but you came across very well.

  3. Josh says:

    Maybe next time you could ask her to have another “off the record” discussion with Bernanke about the market’s reaction to the fed minutes.

  4. I wish you had an email alert go out to the fans. I missed both appearances today. By the time Bloglines picked up your post, it was already over.

  5. quiddity says:

    Maria was on Oprah today (no joke). She said (direct quote): “Trading is simple. All it is is buying and selling a stock.”

    She then went on to explain why stocks go up and down. Because of supply and demand. (So much for P/E, yield curves, and other fundamental or technical analysis.)

    Maria said that airline stocks are up because of Delta. And that she wouldn’t be surprised if the market ended today at An All Time High!

    Oprah: How should women think about investing?
    Maria: Women are the CEO of the household. They know what the good products are (from purchasing them). “That’s how you find out where the companies to buy are.” She ended with a caveat, “Obviously, you should research,…”

    After a brief chat with a floor broker, saying there are buyers and sellers, Maria told the audience, “It’s just like EBAY.”

    Where was Barry to thow cold water on all of this?

  6. logicalthought says:

    Maria is, bar none, the dumbest person on television not confined to working from a script.

  7. RW says:

    Here’s a fund for the sell-side trolls that seem to congregate here to foul the air whenever there’s an upward blip in the market — — maybe this will distract them for awhile or at least improve their mood (I hear the big wirehouses are blocking porn sites these days).

    And here’s a fun way to mash some websites or the latest CNBC transcript — I’ve found that Goldman Sachs reports are more enjoyable when translated to Elmer Fudd but haven’t tried pig latin or txtspk yet.

    Oh, the market? I’m still making money but don’t have the faintest reason why — whatever.

  8. Jeopardy says:

    Barry, I would rather see you on a more credible program such as Nightly Business Report.

  9. matt m says:

    I am surprised that there are people commenting here that don’t realize that market movements are completely related to supply/demand. c’mon folks. It’s a market. You can watch every nonsense economic report in the world…they (at best) have a 10 minute influence on the markets. Point is…maria B. is alot closer to reality than many traders.

  10. John Bott says:

    Maria closer to reality than others?! Taking the markets and distilling it down to “It’s just like eBay” is media irresponsibility at its best. The simple fact is, stocks go up, stocks go down, and most of the time, we’ll never know why.
    For example, with equity vols at all time lows, how often have you heard the press chime in on the effect delta hedging has on stocks? Hmmmm… never?

  11. Quiddity says:

    Just to chime in again. I recorded that segment of Maria on Oprah and all quotes in my first comment are direct.