Friday video:  Toddo chats up Lindsay of Wall Strip:

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14 Responses to “Long the quality / short the quantity”

  1. Thanks for giving us some attention Barry. Todd really is a smart cookie

  2. Bob A says:

    funny I was just coming here to say you should do a Wallstrip with Lindsay yourself after seeing this…

  3. Sponge Todd Square Pants says:

    dang..I thought this was going to be a video of that girl taking her clothes off…

  4. Michael C. says:

    Wow, knowing how he was working with JJCramer makes me wonder how bad it got at times at their old hedgefund.

    They guy is so calm, cool, and collected both in person and in his writings. Whereas JJC was, well, everything but it seemed.

    Short but sweet interview. Was worth it just to see Toddo in person. Thanks, Barry!

  5. mdr says:

    Does anyone agree with the idea that what we need is a merger of wall street and disney? Sounds like a nightmare, a parody of 1984. Makes it all the more likely, i suppose.

  6. Barry – Lindsay is reaching out to you later to line up an interview for Wallstrip. It would be cool.

  7. Bob A says:

    Lindsay is hot

  8. Leisa says:

    Kudos to the concept of advancing financial literacy. Wall Street meets Disney? Well, I can understand the immediately need to be dismissive, but let’s not forget what Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues have done for learning. I’m all for anything that makes building a critical understanding of managing one’s resources accessible to the minions!

  9. scorpio says:

    Lindsay wants to reach out to Barry… later? i hope your wife knows about this. in the event Barry’s unable to make it, Lindsay, you can reach out to me… anytime.

  10. Al_K says:


    I am a retired software engineer and I have to tell you, your new blog is having trouble. I am running the latest Internet Explorer and your titles are not lining up on the right side. It is always good to check out your site on all the different browsers a user might use. Also, you might consider bringing up all the new “bells and whistles” slowly making sure they all work well. I really like the side, just some friendly advice.

  11. Mark says:

    i’m size long necklaces, didn’t realize that NYers & their affinity for da chains isn’t a stereotype after all

  12. Robert says:

    The BP runs perfectly with Firefox.

  13. MarkM says:

    Ditto Al K. I stupidly installed IE7 and am having the exact same issues. Worked well in IE6 though. Does your “team” have a workaround?

  14. In general, the site works better with Firefox over IE — but IE7 is just a disaster. (Isn’t is still in beta?) We didn’t optimize for IE7 because its not finished.

    My experience with IE7: its awful for streaming video, it doesn’t play nice with Java, lots of loading problems with Flash. Its generally still very buggy,

    I have had a few problems with IE6, but nothing like 7 — It got so bad, I eventually just had to uninstall it from the Dell.

    Not only is Firefox more reliable, it finally motivated MIster Softee to upgrade IE — now if they would only finish the job . . .