I’ve received several emails this week asking about a "Tip Jar.":  I’ve never bothered with that — I am fortunate enough to earn a nice living (Damn AMT!); I find it unseemly to ask for cash for something I would be doing anyway.

However, if you feel like you learned a thing or two here, or otherwise got something out of the effort, and you would like to do something nice in the holiday spirit, here are a few choices:

• I support Americares — they are known as the most efficient relief charity in the U.S., and are Non-denominational also. They did a lot of good work post-Katrina

Tell them The Big Picture sent you:

88 Hamilton Avenue
Stamford, CT USA 06902
800-486-HELP (4357) 

• Buy something nice for yourself through any of the Amazon links on the site. (I suggest either the Capresso 455 Thermos/Burr Grinder Combination or a TiVo Series2 80-Hour DVR) A
referral fee goes to my account, which is then used to buy Books/CDs/DVDs,
which then get reviewed here, and the virtuous cycle continues.   

• We posted a full list of Katrina charities here, and Tsunami charities here (#6). Feel free to send them a check on behalf of TBP.

• Lastly, there’s always the the wish list — it doesn’t need to need to be extravagant, used CDs and such are fine. I appreciate some of the thoughtful suggestions I never would have come across on my own (Merry Christmas!)


Thanks for the many kind wishes and emails — Happy Holidays!

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12 Responses to “Why No Tip Jar?”

  1. scorpio says:

    it’s a Festivus miracle!

  2. fiat lux says:

    And a happy Hanukkah too.

  3. I agree with you. Digital Panhandling is still panhandling.

  4. John F. says:

    Here’s an extraordinary organization which helps wounded soldiers:


    And don’t forget the USO:


    Happy New Year, Barry, and better luck next year on the S&P!

  5. Idaho_Spud says:

    You da man Barry ;) Props for sharing your thoughts and not panhadling, amigo.

    Merry Christmas to you as well. I’m a big fan of Save the Children and the Juvenile Diabetes Association. Kids seem to be a worthy cause to dontate to.

  6. cayadelsol says:

    thank you it is a pleasure to see a man like you , i am from france , i cant wait for your posts , and your generosity is in line with the idea i get from reading you , your comments get more value ,and btw you dont need money if you trade your posts ,beautiful, happy everything

  7. oyster says:

    Thanks for emphasizing and remembering the Katrina charities.


  8. Fred says:

    Knowing you have enough is wisdom enough for a good life.

  9. Have you heard of http://www.modestneeds.org ? I just heard about them today. They help prevent people from falling into the viscious cycle of poverty. I think I’m going to donate proceeds from my site to them next year.

  10. mitack says:

    Nice wishlist Barry !
    Another watchnut(like me) ;-)
    Merry Christmas !

  11. Andy says:

    I second Americares — they actually get the money to where its needed, with a very low expense ratio