Speaking of video embedders, check out Hellodeo — its a new site that allows real time embedding of webcam video (no more ripping and uploading).

I am interested in playing around with this — it might be worthwhile embedding video commentary, especially if I can feed off of a PC screen and walk through some of the data, charts, graphics (as opposed to my mug on camera the whole time).

There are lots of aspects to this worth messing around with (perhaps its more suited to the premium site), but I need to play with this a bit. 


Question: Any suggestions for video web cams — for a Dell and/or an iMac? Most I have seen are pretty sucky . . .



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4 Responses to “Hellodeo”

  1. fatbear says:

    Use the built-in camera in the iMac?!?!

  2. brion says:

    don’t you have a firewire camcorder lying around the Ritholtz estate? They work better than isight/webcams imo

  3. Felix says:

    worked for me, with the built-in camera in the MacBook. Is there some way we could record the two of us chatting, and then embed the results on our respective blogs? It seems that hellodeo only seems to like recording one stream at once…

  4. dforester says:

    Barry – For what you’re after, I’d recommend Camtasia (http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp), or it’s open-source competitor CamStudio (http://www.camstudio.org/) – you can record your screen with mic input.