Yet another talented UK vocalist taking her cues from the past, but with a modern twist: Amy Winehouse. Winehouse’s 2nd album, Back to Black, freshens up the classic soul albums with original songs done in the style of the 1950/60′s girl groups.

New Yorker Magazine got it just right — “a fierce English performer whose voice combines the smoky depths of a jazz chanteuse with the heated passion of a soul singer.” I hate when people compare a new performer with the greats, but you can say that stylistically, she falls between Billie Holiday and Ronnie Spector.

This is the fourth musician we’ve spotlighted, who have gone retro — delving into an older genre and freshening it up (Bitter:Sweet, James Hunter and Joss Stone were the first three). Except for Bitter:Sweet, they all seem to hail from England.

There’s a good interview here and 4 videos of acoustic versions of her songs after the jump (I cannot link to AOL’s DL as its a terribly annoying site)


Here’s a stripped down acoustic version of Valerie, that does a nice job showing off her voice:

She gives the same treatment to the big single Rehab

and to You Know I’m No Good

(Studio video for You Know I’m No Good video)

and Love is a Losing Game

The title song, Back to Black and Tears Dry on Their Own

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13 Responses to “Amy Winehouse”

  1. Yo Barry – Amy’s great!

  2. Caravaggio says:

    In the UK, Amy Winehouse has a bit of a reputation of getting drunk on game shows/chat shows. Here, she does a version of Michael Jackson’s Beat It…she is totally plastered and it still works !

  3. Eclectic says:

    She’s like a Joe Cocker version of Shirley Bassey. I’d love to hear her cover everything Bassey did, especially “Diamonds” and “Goldfinger.”

    What a voice and what a beauty!

    I hope this young lady doesn’t self-destruct.

    Thanks Barry. I’ve been to yewtoobe and been enraptured. Never heard of her… but then I have boots that are older than she is.

    That particular studio segment doesn’t do her justice. I’m sure it’s the mix and we’re not getting the sound quality.

    This does her justice!

  4. Ariel Fortt says:

    your song rocks!!!(rehab)

  5. Jeanette says:

    Amy Winehouse is such an incredible soulful singer/songwriter. I had the pleasure of seeing her at a sold-out venue in NYC May 8, 2007. She is amazing live!!! Her band is outstanding and so are her backup singer!!! Love you Amy!!!

  6. katie says:

    i think this woman has so much talent. You see so many new musicians that dont have any. Amy Winehouse has a beautiful voice it is strong like Christina Aquilera its a different style but just a strong

  7. Dennis says:

    I really hope she doesn’t self-destruct too (picking up from earlier comment below). She’s on cover of current Rolling Stone and the writer expressed similar fears. Back to Black is easily my favorite album of the year so far.

  8. monika says:

    i love Amy Winehouse Especially when she sings like this.. no wonder why she is married she is pretty and sings good ♥ good luck on her marriage

  9. Jo says:

    WOW! What an amazing voice. It is sad she seems very troubled. Hope she can get herself together, take advantage of her gifts.

  10. Hannah says:

    ii Love This Girl

    Hope She Ok x

  11. jenna says:

    i think amy has a great voice and i would love to hear more of her songs that rehab song is really cool coz rehab is really shit

  12. UPI says:

    Amy Winehouse seen wandering half-dressed
    2007-12-03 14:16 (New York)

    LONDON, Dec. 3 (UPI) — British singer Amy Winehouse has been photographed
    wandering the streets of London, wearing only a bra and jeans,.
    The troubled performer was spotted barefoot and partially dressed leaving a
    friend’s house at 5:45 a.m. Sunday, the Daily Mail said.
    Witnesses told the Mail she appeared disorientated and agitated as she wandered
    around on the pavement for several minutes, despite the cold, then disappeared
    back inside the house.
    Winehouse canceled the remainder of her U.K. concert tour last week, citing
    health issues and her grief regarding her husband’s incarceration as the causes.
    The report comes as Georgette Civil, mother of Winehouse’s husband, Blake
    Fielder-Civil, has revealed the singer is ingesting “more drugs than ever” and
    rarely visiting her husband in prison.
    “Amy’s having trouble getting her head together about anything right now. It’s
    desperately sad and we’re all so worried about her mental and emotional well-
    being. She needs professional help,” Civil said.
    “Amy is still using drugs when Blake’s in prison. She is using more cocaine and
    heroin now than ever. She can’t stop crying and keeps saying all she wants is
    peace. She’s not eating or sleeping properly and is in pieces,” the Mail report

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    We mentioned how much we’ve been enamored with Amy Winehouse back in April of this year. Back then, her newest album was Back to Black, which we wrote freshens up the classic soul albums with original songs done in the style of the 1950/60′s girl group…