Last Friday, I taped a segment for Its all up on line at Forbes:

Tapping The Brakes

Farming For Profits

Pharma, Oil On Top

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4 Responses to “Forbes Video Network”

  1. emd says:

    when will you have an update to your pay site?

  2. Teddy says:

    Barry, in “looking backwards” to your post on Tuesday concerning The Wall Street Journal’s Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting and public service, what were the results of their work? Were there or are there indictments coming down and what conclusions would you personally draw from their award winning work?

  3. lewis says:

    First, wow, thats a lot of commercials to wade through.

    Second, no teleprompters? Was your host really continually reading notes off of a crumpled sheet of paper?

    Lastly, between your assessment of the economy and Larson’s the other day (The U.S. is certainly not in recession. But the ongoing problems in housing are acting as a big drag on growth. Meanwhile, global economies are going on their merry way without us and inflation remains above the Fed’s comfort level. I’ve heard the “Stagflation-lite” label bandied about to describe where we sit. I think that’s right on target), my take on investing is go west young man, go way west across that big ocean, but the one factor that does influence my imminent retirement planning is whereforth interest rates. Am I range bound, for how long and if it will break out, when and how?



  4. Teddy says:

    Barry, in another investigative story, did you watch PBS’s Now with David Brancaccio last Sunday which dealt with hedge funds and also Gary Aguirre, a lawyer for the SEC, who was fired while examining the giant hedge fund Pequot Capital?