Paul Kedrosky points to this free service from Google’s ever productive Google Labs.

 I went back and looked at my past mobile 411 calls — and they all have been looking for business #s (mostly restaurants, theaters, etc.). I am not sure I agree with Paul ("Google Just Killed the U.S. Directory Assistance Business"), because eventually they have to find a way to monetize this. 

I like Google’s commitment to giving a buncha smart people some time and resources to come up with new ideas. Not all will make it — in fact, most will fail. But I bet we see some big winners via the Labs eventually. Its decentralized decision making approach will be all the rage in 2012 . . .


In related Google news, It turns out that Viacom Videos were only 2% of YouTube views . . .
(Viacom disputes this data)

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9 Responses to “Free Mobile 411 Info (from Google)”

  1. johntron says:

    It’s fairly evident that GOOG is aiming to have have real-time auctions for voice ads triggered by specific searches.

    Given the future ubiquity of GPS-enabled phones, there would be a market for geographically targeted ads.

    I wonder how big the market could be…too bad every companies can’t be run like GOOG.

  2. Winston Munn says:

    Reminds me of all the innovations that came out of Bell Labs during the good old days.

  3. Robert Coté says:

    Goggle monetizes first, rolls out second. Do you think you are getting the best restaurants, the theatres you actually asked for? No, you are getting those that paid the most. I just don’t understand the GOOG model long term. As soon as people catch on they have nothing of value and AFAICT there’s no way to protect their only asset; unsuspicious eyeballs.

  4. S says:

    Completely off topic, but how’s this for income disparity. The CEO of OXY gets paid $400 million last year just because he sits in the corner office during one of the biggest bull markets ever in oil.

  5. Johntron, If I have to sit through a long ad prior to getting a phone number, I’d rather pay the 25 or 50 cents.

    Robert Cote, remember, I am asking for a specific business namer — La Ginestra, or Heirloom Restaurant — not just Restaurants in Locust Valley or Movie theaters in Manhattan

  6. Coruscation says:

    Listen to how the voice mangles local names such as Hauppauge.

    I think as more and more phones run useful web browsers,
    the utility of this service will decrease.

    In my bb8703e I can and click on a phone
    number to voice dial it.

  7. Damian says:

    Free 411 is a new idea? Not so – try 1-800-Free-411….was way ahead of Google.

  8. termite says:

    Google is trying to emulate M$FT by stealing others’ ideas, and then using sharp elbows to create a monopoly. When a Sam Zell buys the Tribune, Google may find itself paying for things that used to be free.

    Do you think that the telcos will also fight back?

  9. jswede says:

    I use Google TEXT info almost everyday. On Saturday, I was unsure of the exact address of the restaurant I was going to, so I texted “Saltaus in Chicago” to GOOGL, and 4 seconds later had the address and phone number on my blackberry. Click the number, and I’m connected. Useful for 411-type of info, but also much more – and quicker than going to the internet.

    It does plenty more – test it at: