I have been getting an awful lot of Spam from "caffeblog."  I tried contacting them, but couldn’t find any contact info. That’s odd.

They seem to host an awful lot of splogs (Spam blogs). And I came across a lot of lets-call-it-copyrighted-material that I doubt they have the right to publish.

Then I read their sales pitch ("Join the blogosphere by signing up now") — and I could only conclude they are looking to be an offshore host of splogs.


I have since banned all trackbacks and comments from them — and if you are having a similar spam issue with any caffeblogs, I suggest you  do the same.

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5 Responses to “Caffe Blog = Splog ?”

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  2. Looks like they are trying to sell their domain name for $2000 on different site. Hell I might have bought their domain name, but they trashed it’s value with their splog activity.

  3. Disregard my previous comment, I fat-fingered my search.

  4. brion says:


    THAT’S IT!!!!

  5. b says:

    Motto should probably be more like “Sit down and have a Sh#%”.