Its the regular appearance on Kudlow tonite:

The old gang is together again — Me, Herb Greenberg, John Rutledge (whatever happened to that chicken$#@! Canadian?)

We will be covering the recent market activity, housing data, and the weak consumer spending.

G.E., one of the few stocks I have regularly mentioned positively on Kudlow — its part of the big cap multi-national sector — gained nearly 4% today.

Also on board tonight:  Wendell Perkins, The portfolio manager for JohnsonFamily Large Cap Value fund, and good gal Elizabeth MacDonald of Forbes. 


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7 Responses to “Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (6/19/07)”

  1. Goldilocks says:

    Jeez guys- with all those perma-bears being invited, why didn’t ya’ll invite little ole me?

  2. ’cause Larry has your back!

  3. Scot says:


    Kudlow, John Rutledge, Wendell Perkins, and Elizabeth MacDonald are all rampaging Bulls . . . .

  4. GerryL says:

    Elizabeth MacDonald stated that existing housing sales are improving. I keep seeing people on CNBC saying the same thing. What are they looking at?

    btw Barry it was pretty funny when Wendell Perkins agreed with you and Herb about housing. I thought Kudlow was going to fall off his chair.

  5. Joe Klein's conscience says:

    Is Kudlow back on the nose candy? He is literally cheering on an Israel invasion of Gaza. Why does Kudlow want the Middle East to explode? He really is insane.

  6. J. Bridges says:

    Agreed. The cheerleading bias on CNBC– whether the patrician, Kudlow variety, or the obsequious, I-want-a-job-on-the-street, Pisani blabbering– is comical.

    For now, while the market interprets every data point as a reason to squeeze short-sellers, the blind optimists can get away with it. When oil spikes over $70, Israel invades Gaza, and subrime MBS or CDOs or CLOs melt through the artificial HF safety-net in place, watch out.

    But, who am I kidding? Even if the above happens, somehow the financial syndicate will manage to press forward and juice the markets higher. As BR and others have said, it’s going to take something big, something completely unforeseen to bring about any sort of risk-recogition. Why does it always have to be this way? It’s as if no one remembers any market carnage at all.

    The fall my father had in ’87 is all the caution I need: when we reach the brink, I’m sure the readers of this blog will have long been prepared.

  7. Goldilocks says:

    That darn media! What a conspiracy! lol

    All the readers of this blog have been prepared for is to have their accounts continually raped and pillaged by the longs.