Rocco DeLuca & The Burden
have put out the most interesting new rock album I’ve heard in some time: I Trust You To Kill Me.

Their sound is original — jangly roots-rock romp laced with bluegrass
and countrified leanings.

I agree with the reviewer who wrote that their bluesy debut album "fairly vibrates on DeLuca’s Dobro steel guitar and throaty wail."

DeLuca careens from influence to influence, paying homage to his predecessors and then going a step further.

The music is flavored with dollops of Jeff Buckley, Coldplay and
most of all, Bron Y-Aur Stomp Led Zeppelin.

I Trust You To Kill Me is one of those rare discs where there in not a single weak cut on the CD.

The band’s Myspace page has four songs to stream.

The band has been opening for the likes of Ben Folds and John Mayer.  The next area show I could find is
Tue Jul 31st 2007, Bowery Ballroom, NY


Videos below

Swing Low


Gravitate (live)

Soul (live)

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7 Responses to “Rocco DeLuca & The Burden”

  1. jules says:

    Very nice vibe…reminds me of early Chris Whitley.

    Thanks Barry…keep ‘em coming.

  2. Eclectic says:


    Is that Amy Winehouse I hear backing up a Buick commercial?

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Nice catch – i’d not heard these guys before. To my ears, it’s as if someone took John Mayer and put him in front of an in-tune version of The Grateful Dead. :)

  4. Leisa says:

    BR–Just went to the link (MySpace). Terrific music. I’m going to get this for my husbando.

  5. rachel says:

    thanks for plugging Rocco DeLuca! he’s an amazing artist, and his live show leaves you breathless. truly, an artist on the rise- everyone should spend the $20 and see his band on their first headlining tour this summer!

  6. Cool, they’re coming to Austin! Barry, could you start identifying when artists/albums aren’t affiliated with the RIAA? Here’s a cool site:


    BTW the Amazon link you posted is to a safe album (non-RIAA), but the “extended” remake of the same album with some extra tracks & video is by a different label which is a member of the RIAA.

  7. kenny says:

    you guys are *#cked. theses peoples are the greatest