Here is a roundup of all the recent Retail Sales/Consumer Spending we have covered this week:

June Retail Sales Data: Our look at the Commerce Department Retail data

Retail Follow Up: Understanding Consumer Retail "Slumming"

Economic Research and Retail Shopping
The Missus is smart enough to know that when she wants me to go
shopping with her, she best not call it that. So the clever lass has
taken to calling sport shopping "Economic Research."  Here is what we
have found . . .   

How much of Wal-Mart’s (WMT) recent gains are due to food inflation? and  The latest Agflation news: 8% increase in food prices

The Top 100 Retailers

Borrowing & Spending: Forget MEW (thats so 2005). Its back to good old fashioned credit card debt.

and just for fun:

• Slate’s Oh, no! Sears is still a retailer!


OK, I think that’s plenty for now . . .


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