Now you know why its called the City that never sleeps:  Everyone is up late talking too fast, grinding their teeth.


World Drug Report 2007
United Nations, Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Category: Data Analysis

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31 Responses to “The City That Never Sleeps”

  1. Mike M says:

    This explains a lot about the market’s recent climb.

  2. KirkH says:

    DC is third but I bet Washington beats NY in prostitutive services consumption.

    It’s weird, here in San Diego everybody leaves for the bars around 10-11. Over in NYC it’s more like 1AM. It’s all so clear now.

  3. NoseCandy says:

    Just did another massive rail. Oh yeah!

    Works for me…..

  4. dh says:

    I will sell my big-pharma shares imediately.

  5. BCS says:

    Um, Los Angeles?

  6. Ottnott says:

    Quick calculations (I didn’t do any careful checks for order of magnitude goofs):

    Assume 8 million inhabitants, 5 million in the 15-64 age bracket:

    Daily consumption 67 kg, or 147 lbs.
    Annual consumption 24,445 kg, or 53,800 lbs.

    I’ll let someone else figure out how many coca leaves are used to supply NYC each year.

  7. jules says:

    Coke kills…please don’t glam that shite. Blow is the called the BIG LIE for many reasons.

    Run away…please.

  8. rich says:

    I amazed….Miami didn’t make the list..and as previously mentioned…LA…AND only 2 US cities…?? I demand a recount!

  9. Alejandro says:

    Is Paris the city or the Hilton?

  10. Momo Fader says:

    Guess they didn’t canvass places like Cusco in Peru. It must be obligatory when in the Incan city to do as the Incans. Now there’s a city that never sleeps. I’d imagine that Lima would give NYC a run for its money too.

  11. Trent says:

    134 lines per day per 1,000 inhabitants? Roughly equivalent to each person doing a line every fortnight?

    Either somebody is seriously making up for my shortfalls or these statistics are distorted by the BLS’ rehab/off-the-wagon assumptions.

  12. Grodge says:

    Is that what all that white steam was coming up from the sewer yesterday?

  13. mh497 says:

    I find it hard to believe that the folks in Ingolstadt are ingesting 50% more cocaine than the Frankfurters. (Frankfurtians?)

    Though of course that would explain those weird VW commercials with Helga and the mad scientist.

  14. Chief Tomahawk says:

    This *study* seems highly suspect. A resident of Vienna has ample opportunity to discard the evidence in a manner other than the official wastewater pipes. For example, one can merely open a window in the night and pour into a canal. Vienna’s presence in the survey is merely to make NYC look bad.

    (Don’t ask me about the other 20+ cities listed…)

  15. Gunther says:

    Chief Tomahawk,
    it looks to me that yo are taking Vienna, capital of Austria, for Venice, Italy. I Venice they have channels where it would be possible to dispose the rest of the cocaine.
    Astonishingly Amsterdam (they have channels too) is missing in the list and the city is located in the very liberal Netherlands.

  16. mike says:

    rich, 3 of the top 4 cities are U.S. – not sure where you get 2 total from. Maybe you and “NoseCandy” have been hanging out too much lately.

  17. Whammer says:

    Trent, I believe it is even worse. In NYC, everybody 15-64 has roughly a line a week.

    That doesn’t pass the smell test for me…..

  18. S Pearman says:

    The report does not say it is a ‘top’ list. It is a ‘comparative multi-country study’.

  19. wunsacon says:

    Other countries don’t have such a “war” yet their citizens use coke less often. Isn’t this prima facie evidence that the multi-decade US govt “war on drugs” is a failure?

    And look at what the US govt does. Rather than seriously punish the well-heeled NYC drug buyers, they pour toxic chemicals on the homelands of the growers, destroying both drug crops and non-drug crops of peasants, contaminate the water supply in some areas, and basically interfere with the internal affairs of other sovereign nations, contributing to corruption and even civil war. We should put an end to Prohibition, end the endless “war on drugs”, and devise less violent/wasteful anti-drug policy and programs. We should watch what other countries do and adopt something similar.

  20. Isabel says:

    Miranda de Ebro, 38,276 inhabitants???

  21. loo says:

    outermost unreliable study: i don’t see buenos aires nor sao paolo in the top 5. maybe they should have looked for water in the waste powder…

  22. zero529 says:

    I wonder if high proportions of crack vs powder would skew the results in any way.

    Some useful info from (my fav is “monkey nut”):

    In the West crack is referred to as rock, base, boulders, pebbles, soap, and soup.

    In the Midwest crack is referred to as rock, rock star, bird (32 oz), bopper, bumper, hard stuff, and stone.

    In the South crack is referred to as rock, base, blow, bump, candy, coca, cookies, crumb, girl, hard, lady, loose, piedra, ready rock, scottie, shrile, SPACE, stones, twinkie, monkey nut (big rock), yam (big rock), and bomb (100 rocks).

    In the Northeast crack is referred to as rock, bumps, freebase, jums, CD’s, and ice cubes.

  23. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Gunther, you’re right. Vienna, Venice, I’m not used to so many “V” names living in the states here. My apologies to the geography enthusiasts here.

  24. Ravenor says:

    This data could be biased by the how often the coke user/dealer has to flush their stash down the toilet when the cops are banging on the door with a warrant.

  25. Ravenor says:

    This data could be biased by the how often the coke user/dealer has to flush their stash down the toilet when the cops are banging on the door with a warrant.

  26. Bill says:

    Did Marion Barry move to NYC?

  27. Gary says:

    Worse . . . Larry Kudlow!

  28. Bud Hovell says:

    So DC is high on blow, eh? Best reason yet to cut the budget and send them home.

  29. Bud Hovell says:

    So DC is high on blow, eh? Best reason yet to cut the budget and send them home.

  30. Bud Hovell says:

    So DC is high on blow, eh? Best reason yet to cut the budget and send them home.

  31. caliguy says: