The FT has a wonderful interactive map of the global impact of the credit crisis:

click for interactive chartCredit_crunch


Hat tip: Trading for the Masses

Credit crunch
FT, August 8 2007 16:05 | Last updated: August 10 2007 13:02

Category: Credit

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9 Responses to “Credit Crunch: Global Map”

  1. yc32 says:

    Does anyone have any dollar numbers accoiated with the chart? A cute chart, probably will freak people out. But othewise worthless pseudo intelligence.


    BR: Yes — click thru to the chart, each interactive “dot” (i.e., blow up) has many details.

  2. Ram says:

    Excellent Site
    The interactive chart does not look right in zoom mode

  3. Ram says:

    Excellent Site
    The interactive chart does not look right in zoom mode

  4. yc32 says:

    If FT showed the chart on Jul 25, it would be priceless.

  5. Bluzer says:

    Cool map!

    Although, I suspect, they’ve missed a lot of smaller blowups.

    And a prediction – things are gonna get a lot more crowded from here on out.

    Keep us posted.

  6. David says:

    Isn’t that an interesting chart? Just updated our weekly “Features” post to add it, and sure enough you have it up as well (I know you are a big fan of graphics, so I had to check)!

  7. Sven says:

    Why do they have Citadel at the top of Michigan?

  8. Condor says:

    Actually it best serves to highlight how concentrated the financial and lending centers of control still are. Which also happens to provide a sociological reason why these messes occur in the first place.

  9. Consumerist says:

    Interactive Map Of Global Credit Crisis

    Now you can follow the subprime meltdown around the world with this handy interactive graphic from Financial Times. It’s grimly amusing to click the “show all” radio button and then drag the slider back and forth from “Pre-Jun 25″…