Tonite is a very special Kudlow & Company: On CNBC, either 5:00 or 5:10, for just one segment, its just Larry and I, discussing one-on-one just what the hell happened today.

What will we be reviewing? Here are 4 items:

1) For the 2nd consecutive month, Retail Sales were disappointing;

2) Today, BNP Paribas fund suspension caught many off guard. Then, yesterday’s rumor of a Goldman hedge fund blow up turned out to be accurate.

3) The ECB added liquidity to the markets, as did the Fed. Their moves had a faint whiff of panic to them;

4) Volatility spike: after periods of rising markets with low  Volatility, a spike has rarely if ever meant higher near term prices.

To say the least, it should be interesting.


UPDATE August  9, 2007 10:22pm

The video is up on CNBC.com

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