What a crazy week — and the market is the least of it!

We moved from our old space on Park Avenue & 49th (across from
the Waldorf) to larger quarters a few blocks over on 5th Avenue. I have been switching back and forth between Starbux and Bryant Park for internet access (and posting less because I have been out of the office more than in). The
furniture is in, the phones are hooked up, and tomorrow, rumor has it
Verizon will light us up with a big fat pipe, connecting us to that
series of tubes.

But what’s been really odd is that a dozen seperate projects I have been working on for a few years now — some big, some small, all eclectic — have practically all-at-once, simultaneously, lurched towards fruition.

These include:

A major media project

I may join a new BoD

A fun little web project (its potentially very, very funny)

A significant quant application (this is a very powerful tool)

A brand new video venture

Two fascinating blog related advertising concepts

An expansion of an earlier book blogging idea

A new private equity fund 

And that was just this week!

We will discuss more about these in the coming weeks; Just about all of them have a market/stock/economic component to them. I’ll keep you up to speed with these as they develop.

I expect/hope that at least 3 of these 7 close before Halloween. . .

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16 Responses to “New Project(s)”

  1. Matt says:

    Do you sleep??? :-)

  2. 5 – 6 hours a nite . . .

  3. Alex says:

    what does BoD stand for?

    You were on 49th and Park? I intern at a place at 230 Park Avenue. Here I am, reading your blog and you’re writing it just 3 blocks away. Small world

  4. Alex:
    I bet it is Board of Directors.

  5. mickslam says:

    Very Nice! Congrats!

    You deserve all of this and more. When can you tell us about the quant application?

  6. erik says:

    are you going to do the “bear den” for fox?

  7. Alex says:

    Joe Klein:

    Yea, probably. The moment I clicked Post, Board of Directors came to mind.

  8. bostonian says:

    Starbucks, huh? You’re drinking too much coffee. No worries; that’s what started the French Revolution, after all…

  9. peter from oz says:

    Go for it all!
    I detect also some recent winning bets
    Just remove those rainy day shekhels from the table as they appear!
    Good Luck
    rgds pcm

  10. jake says:

    sleep? how about barry’s wife….unless she works with him….when does she see him? lol

  11. Philippe says:

    No Bostonian!
    What started the American revolution was the tea!Remember it from Boston.
    The only commun factor with cafe and French revolution was the butler of Louis XV who said “La France ton café fout le camp”

  12. “Irritatingly prolific.”
    I said it once, and it still stands, apparently.
    What kind of coffee ARE you drinking? I need some.

  13. tt says:

    Rumor is you go to FOX Business channel

  14. wunsacon says:


    Do you need beta testers for your quant app?

  15. BOD = board of directors.

    What type of private equity fund do you run?

    - Richard