Via the Onion, comes this frickin’ hysterical tv panel discussing the all important question: Are America’s Rich Falling Behind The Super-Rich?

Panelists discuss a new study showing the gap between the wealthy and the absurdly wealthy is widening, and how we can help the merely rich catch up.

In The Know: Are America’s Rich Falling Behind The Super-Rich?

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18 Responses to “The Widening Gap Between the Rich and the Super-Rich”

  1. don greenup says:

    Sorta funny would say it is more the truth and the irony is with wealth this tied up in the hands of the few – the republic will not stand. Things have changed where the little guy , the guy that has fought and died no longer has a vested interest.Will get interesting as time goes on because supporting the super rich wont be something my boy does anytime soon.

  2. Stuart says:

    he’s got a point. You lose your hovercraft and you’re in a world of hurt.

  3. Pool Shark says:

    “My hovercraft is full of eels.”

    At least I think that’s the proper translation…

  4. Pool Shark says:

    btw, Is it just me, or in the opening frame of that video, is “The Donald” beginning to look like Walter Cronkite sans moustache?

    btbtw, why is sans always italicized?

  5. esb says:

    Something that the “merely rich” need not fret over is having one’s private lake fill up with black swans … so that the lake now belongs completely to the swans.

  6. M.Z. Forrest says:

    sans is always italicized, because it is Latin. Coup de grâce(French) and other foreign language phrases and words are commonly italized to denote that one is using a different language.

  7. avid reader says:

    Is this Mankiw’s blog on a time delay? Last 2 posts were great. 1st time around.

  8. Many of these short afternoon posts are set way in advance. This Onion piece was in Sunday’s linkfest.

    I found it amusing enough that I set it to launch this afternoon.

    It’s just a coincidence that Prof Mankiw and I ran the same items.

    But since you mentioned it, perhaps you should have asked “Is Mankiw’s blog The Big Picture on a time delay?” — for the record, I had both links up first! ; )

  9. Gary says:

    Don’t wanna be too picky (of course, I’m about to be), but I always understood “sans” to have come from French, not Latin. And to be considered an English word so it’s not necessary to italicize it. Every dictionary I justed checked confirmed this. Ultimately from Latin, but like so many English words it came from French. You know, that Norman Conquest trouble a while back.

    I agree with the first poster and look forward to our own French Revolution which is about the only to redress the problem, provided we’re not all chipped for easy tracking by then.

  10. pcm says:

    m z forrest is a classic
    sans is French
    probably one of those 80% of Americans who don’t have passports
    rgds pcm

  11. me says:

    “sans is always italicized,”

    Gary is correct. Sans is a preposition meaning “without” and is not italicized. For example, sans serif is not italicized.

  12. Bull/Bear Ratio says:


    Do you have any comments on historically low bull/bear ratio of 17%?

    Nowadays, anywhere you look there is a bear sitting under every rock. Historically, a ratio of 15% has been a good buy signal (17% is almost there).

  13. donna says:

    Watashi no hobākurafuto wa unagi ga ippai desu.

  14. DavidB says:

    Who do the Italians think they are bending our letters. That’s crooked!

  15. matt m says:

    Great video!
    The talkin’ heads had the facial expressions and trite quips down pat. You can substitute that vid for any of the nonsense you see on CNBC..MSNBC…FOX etc.

  16. NC Jim says:

    The Donald has a lovely daughter judging from the video frame.

    Yeah, right.

  17. M. High says:

    This video would all be terribly funny…except they pretty much did a similar segment on Fox News this morning (!!).

    They had one of their short (3-5 minute) debates about…how being a millionaire isn’t enough these days. Now the benchmark for ‘rich’ is the “penta-millionaire”, because a measly million bucks just doesn’t cut it any more. Far too many people, they say, are realizing they are worth a couple million bucks and they’re too poor to retire. Wah.

    Meanwhile, the majority of Americans (like myself) are still living month-to-month without any safety net. The silver-spoons out there just don’t get it.