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Ways to achieve a painful, early death

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On September 20, 2007 @ 7:30 pm In Weblogs | Comments Disabled

I have great readers, who have brought lots of terrific items to my attention:

However, the law of large numbers has finally caught up with TBP. When there were 1000 people here, there were but a few (only 2 or 3?) brain damaged folks. Now that the total number has scaled up, the blunt head trauma demographic has swollen into a small cottage industry of stupidity.

What a normal smarter person would do is simply delete these email without comment. But I think we can all agree that is not my modus operandi. When I have an itch, I have to scratch it. Hence, the following public service announcements:

1) Stop naming your blogs some variant of The Big Picture. It won’t help your Google score (its based  on URL, not names). All it does is GUARANTEE I will never link to you. Nor will anyone I know. And their friends. Or their friends. Capiche?

2) Don’t beg for a Blogroll listing — it is unseemly. Besides, we have painstakingly detailed our link exchange policy here [1].

3) Please don’t sign me up for your email lists, newsletters, or invite me to a Yahoo discussion groups. I have neither the time nor the interest. And after the 7th invite from the same group, I just assume its spam, block the address, and never see anything you write again. (also, a CC to Abuse@Yahoo.com can be expected).

4) No, I won’t introduce you to Kudlow or Cramer. 

5) Social networking invites? Puh-leeze — That’s so 2003. Here’s Why I Don’t Do Social Networking Sites [2];

6) Attachments are verbotten from people I do not personally know (this is good advice for everyone). Send text, and if pictures are a must, then send a link.

Word attachments, from a PR firm? Seriously, how f*&%ing clueless are you? I can only assume your clients are idiots also — for hiring you.

Go_ogle [3] 7) Please do not send me info on something I have already posted on. There is a Google search box [3] at the top right: type in a phrase, and voila!  Prior posts on that subject! 

8) Don’t send me links to items I have already
posted. Don’t send me links to stuff that are months old. And lastly,
don’t send me headline without a link. If you are too damned lazy to
find a link, then I assume whatever story you are sending is lazy and
dumb also.

Ok, rant over . . .

(I feel like a $100 dollars)

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