I assumed this was a older parody (maybe not), but in light of last week’s Microsoft $240 million, 1.6% investment in Facebook, it is especially amusing . . . 


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The Colbert Nation Quickly Colonizes Facebook 

Stephen Colbert’s presidential candidacy may be phony, but his supporters are very real.

Late on Oct. 16, immediately after the comedian declared his intentions on his satirical news show “The Colbert Report,” supportive groups began to form on the social networking site Facebook.

One of them — a group created by Raj Vachhani and titled “1,000,000 Strong for Stephen T Colbert” — has grown to more than a million members in just over a week, making it the most popular political group on Facebook by far.

via NYT’s laughlines

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4 Responses to “Bill Gates on Facebook”

  1. Eclectic says:

    That’s a real boffo parody.

  2. It’s easy to tell it is a spoof. Buffet doesn’t use computers(except for playing Gates in Bridge).

  3. patfla says:

    For the truly amusing as regards Big Bill, I go here:


  4. Blogrolle says:

    Add to Friends – Bill Gates

    Bill Gates hat meine Freundschaftsanfrage immer noch nicht besttigt