On 9/16/2007, I gave the keynote speech at the Forex Trading Expo in Las Vegas using Economic data in investing and trading.

The video isn’t great, but the audio seems to work fine.

Topic: The Right Way to Use Economic Data and Announcements to Find Trading Opportunities in Foreign Currency

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Recorded: 9/16/2007 at Forex Trading Expo Las Vegas


Category: Data Analysis, Economy, Employment, Markets, Real Estate

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  1. I hear you are getting a call from CNBC for your own show soon. ;-)

  2. dblwyo says:

    I’m having a great deal of trouble getting thru to see the video. Is there some magic trick ? Do you have to register as a user ?

    BtW – in case you don’t mind it looks as if you’ve lost weight ! :). Congrats.

  3. walter says:

    I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu Linux with Flash 9, can watch YouTube just fine, but not this video, it just hangs and “spins.” Will give same feedback to moneyshow site.

    Enjoy your site! Great work!

  4. video says:

    Video? It is just an image.


    BR: Click thru to the next page, then click on the play video

  5. As to the webcast, click thru to this

    then click “Watch Now”

    Full Session Details: (45:00)

    Almost every day it seems a new piece of economic data or report is released by government agencies, private companies, and research firms. As an individual trader, the sheer volume of information can be overwhelming and result in indecision about how to trade based upon the news. In this exclusive keynote address, Barry Ritholtz will talk about how successful traders determine which information is relevant, which information and announcements can be ignored, and how to know if the information you have is truly accurate.
    Refreshments provided courtesy of International Securities Exchange.

    Focus: News-Based Trading
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  6. That was a really knowledgeable Audio. I often find that this topic is complicated to get your head round but you have summed it up really well. You reminded me of a guy I was reading the other day who was really good too.