Tide_to_go I’m a slob (No kidding?)

It should come as no surprise that I often stain my shirts (I’m careful to move the tie out of the way).

P&G has this stick: Tide to Go. Its not a pre-soak — its an "instant stain remover."

I can’t vouch that the thing doesn’t cause cancer, but it sure as hell works.

I used to carry around these portable little "Shout!" wet-nap like things, but the Tide stick is now in my briefcase, and in my desk drawer.

If you are, like me, a sloppy eater, than you must spend  $4 (or $18 for a six pack) and get one of these.


No, I don’t get paid a cent for this. But if you click on this link to order it from Amazon, I get 18 cents (So I got THAT going for me, which is nice).

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21 Responses to “The Weirdest Product Endorsement Ever”

  1. pmorrisonfl says:

    I like the persistent, occasional Caddyshack references. Once I get a job that requires a clean shirt and tie again, I’ll pick some of this up. Let us know how the cancer thing goes.

  2. peter from oz says:

    please send a case collect
    rgds pcm

  3. shakes says:

    I better buy the 6 pack now, the way helicopter Ben is priting money those things could be going for $8 a piece by Christmas time.

  4. JB says:

    Gunga galunga…gunga — gunga galunga.

  5. Richard says:

    18 cents…”a little something for the effort..”

  6. Justin says:

    Sounds like the New M-LEC fund might need some of these sticks. Little quote from FT.com article: (refering to the non-main banks) “For others, the allure of the M-LEC will be more mainstram: fees. Some of the feees will come from underwriting a portion of the M-LEC capital. But most will probably come from an unusual feature: options sold to the SIVs giving them the right to sell a certain portion of their assets into the M-LEC fund over a negotiated period of time. So that should be straightforward, then: option pricing based on valuations of assets that nobady seems willing to trade.”

  7. jras says:

    Slobs of the world, UNITE! Buy this magical thing b/c it works! I too, have one in my desk at work. And it works well—except on tomato sauce…which it adequately preps so the stain does come out.

    I upgraded to this pen from the Shout wipes. No pride here. My wife knows I am a slob.

    “Hi, my name is Jason and I am a Slob” (everyone) “Hi Jason!”

  8. ZackAttack says:

    But on your deathbed, you will receive… total consciousness.

  9. DavidB says:

    Is this some sort of power test to check and see how many of your followers will blindly click and buy on your command?

  10. worth says:

    This reminds me of the Odd Couple-inspired cartoon with the slob dog and the cat who carried around a miniature vacuum cleaner in his pocket for crumbs. Wonder if that bad boy ran on some early 70′s forerunner of rechargeable lithium ion, or if he just went through disposable batteries like there was no tomorrow? Which, for him, there probably wasn’t, since we were all going to be dead of hairspray-induced ozone depletion or a Soviet 1st strike or DDT poisoning of the food chain LONG before battery disposal issues became a concern.

  11. KP says:

    “Remember Danny – Two wrongs don’t make a right but three rights make a left.”

    Ahh, the good old days when Chevy Chase was actually funny instead of senile.

  12. C. Maoxian says:

    Carl Spackler fans, unite!

  13. Datanerd says:

    I’m such a slob and data geek that I have acutally had opportunity to test both on the same stain on the same shirt. I found that the Shout wipes did a better job of removing the spot, but the Tide pen is certainly more convenient.

  14. zot23 says:

    Maybe not the weirdest endorsement ever, but definitely the messiest ;)

  15. ChrisRet says:

    Just don’t forget to pack them in your checked luggage when you fly.. my wife had hers confiscated (it was in her purse) when we went to board a flight. Who comes up with these retarded policies, anyways?

  16. Greg0658 says:

    Ritholtz Research owns no P & G? Or the massive # of Funds your firms into own no P&G?

    I’d bet you do and I got no prob with that.

    [BR: NONE OF THE ABOVE; please read the disclosire doc here:


    But I’d also bet the Amazon link is ahttp://www.typepad.com/t/app/weblog/post?__mode=edit_comment&id=86718574&saved_comment=1&return_to_comment=86718574&blog_id=937
    Edit Comment | Post | The Big Picture | Your Weblogs | TypePad better payout if it takes. And I ain’t got no prob with that. Next order throw 1 in the box
    or get it at the bricks and mortar store down the street.
    I will get one on the recommendation. BR – make a YouTube testimonial, maybe Donnie will see it and put ya on the big screen snagging real royalties as a tv good guy.

    ps – Is there a way to link a month from now at Amazon on some purchase – TPB sent me here (pay up)? Probably not, so add over in the clouds – buy a Tide Stick.

    Best wishes : -)

  17. We own no P&G, but if we did, we disclose it.

  18. Will says:

    I agree, the thing is amazing. However, after a couple of months sitting in my desk drawer, the fluid now has a very bizarre and foul odor…. almost smells like pizza sauce. Seriously.

  19. whipsaw says:

    Reminded me of one of my favorite insult quotations:

    Dogs gather to watch him eat.

    Trouble is I can’t remember who said it or who the target was. I am pretty sure it was late 19th century and was said about some politician or other. Anybody know?


  20. Whammer says:

    Big hitter, the Lama.