When preparing the linkfests, I come across a lot of silly, amusing, or just god-awful headlines. Its only Monday, but IU suspect we may alreay have a winner for this week:

Supermodel Bundchen Joins Hedge Fund Managers Dumping Dollars

I don’t think the currency preferences of anyone who shakes their ass models clothes for a living is determinative long term, but perhaps it means we are getting closer to a counter-trend rally for the dollar . . .


Note: With this post, we introduce the category Contrary Indicators.


Supermodel Bundchen Joins Hedge Funds Dumping Dollars
Bo Nielsen and Adriana Brasileiro
Bloomberg, Nov. 5 2007

Category: Contrary Indicators, Currency, Psychology

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12 Responses to “Headline of the Day”

  1. RCJ says:

    For Giselle shouldn’t this just be part of Asset Management ?

  2. michael schumacher says:

    We saw that on B’Berg last night….

    My wife’s instant reaction was the same as your’s BR…….

    Buy the dollar index..


  3. michael schumacher says:

    How is that any different then Crudlow’s piece that ran yesterday???


    is’nt sentiment pretty good (at least in talking head land)???


  4. SINGER says:

    This is cool…It would be a nice idea to track this category and actually make a determination as to its predictive abilities whether real or imagined!!!

    At the end of the day, even though the trend on the Dollar is down and the Euro/Dollar is up and GOLD and ENERGY is up… In the near term, the sentiment is very positive and the moves on a price basis are very overextended…especially with the Euro old high around 145.00 finally coming into play as an area of obvious profound resistence…


  5. Hey Barry,

    Giselle understands cross border currency rates since she is making a huge amount of money importing shoes from China into Brazil.

    Even Giselle can’t keep the dollar up.

  6. Moose says:

    I will believe anything Giselle wants me to believe….

  7. Counter-trend rally for the dollar? Perhaps. But I’d be skeptical regarding its strength and duration. I can only see more rough seas ahead for the greenback…

  8. ScrewBush says:

    I stole this from another blog because after reading about Citigroup’s write down I had to pass it on:

    How soon before the Nigerians start spamming bank officers with:

    “Kut 3B frm ur ugly writ-dn!”

  9. tim says:

    I thank this article for alerting me to the fact that Giselle has a twin sister. Now my underwear is bundchen…

  10. XON says:

    And here, TBP finally merges into the mainstream of blog comments with one of it’s first, legitimate instances of the need for the other-wise ubiquitous blog comment: This thread is useless without pics!

  11. Hey, they don’t call them Super-models just for their good looks. Oh wait, that is why they call them that. Nevermind.

  12. VennData says:

    VennData changes his opinion on marking his portfolio to model.