Time magazine’s annual list of innovation, gadgets, and doodads is out.

The winner, to hardly anyone’s surprise, is Apple’s iPhone.

However, I find these annual reports fascinating. There’s lots of other really cool inventions, and plenty of other cool things in Time’s annual issue.

Here’ a few of the more interesting items:

Glow Pillow

Biodegradable-dye Tattoo

Cementer Bug

Sugar Battery

Robot Leg


The Best Inventions Of The Year   
Time Magazine
November 2007

Category: Technology

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5 Responses to “Inventions of the Year”

  1. shoeless says:

    The tattoo appears to be on someones inner thigh…if you look very closely.

  2. Rich Lather says:

    Re: Biodegradable-dye Tattoo

    Did Time really post a picture of a tattoo on the (left) cheek of a woman’s butt? What body part is that?

  3. DustPuppyOI says:

    The cuddle mattress could be a nice accompaniment to the glow pillow.

  4. Jay Walker says:

    Time’s list is OK, but I prefer the Popular Science list, which has some great pratical stuff (like the hurricane nail, or the sanitizing drink straw for instance).

    View the 2006 list here:

    Jay Walker
    The Confused Capitalist

  5. dariusf says:

    and how is an iPhone an invention? Didn’t have cell phones before? I give them a good design and nice implementation but invention?