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Bruce Eric Kaplan
The New Yorker October 2007

Category: Credit, Currency, Federal Reserve, Finance

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14 Responses to “Would You Like that all in money?”

  1. Lyon says:

    Yes, all Euros.

  2. Stuart says:

    Yes, all gold please.

  3. peter from oz says:

    not so funny if those Mega Bank Money Market Funds have been dabbling in SIVs
    sitting here waiting to see if they/who can manufacture a bounce
    rgds pcm

  4. DavidB says:

    Time to start thinking about the psychological impact of triple digit oil. I’ll bet it effects people

  5. michael schumacher says:

    and……….with a little more than 15 minutes to the close they have managed to claw back to go positive and …nevermind

    are you buying anything????

    That’s what I thought.


  6. peter from oz says:

    yes michael there is a santa claus
    rgds pcm

  7. peter from oz says:

    the 3-4pm gremlins have done it again!
    enjoy your weekend
    there’s nothing to worry about!
    rgds pcm

  8. Costa says:

    when do we start hearing from the media about the “santa claus” rally. I think they start it before thanksgiving

  9. Lyon says:

    “santa claus” rally….

    Isn’t CNBC leading the parade on this…lol.

  10. Winston Munn says:

    Well, if I need coins my fund manager said he could “break a buck” for me.

  11. Rich Lather says:

    Why is it taking so long for inflation to get to us? It seems China is taking the brunt of the inflation from us by consuming raw materials, wrapping it up into a widget, and shipping it to us. But those widgets are still cheap right now….has a recession overcapacity been outsourced to China? I’ve been thinking of ways to hedge the onslaught of inflation combined with low interest rates, one approach was to invest off-shore, but the more I think about it, the less appealing it seems to be. Any thoughts?

  12. David says:

    We went to our brokerage firm today, we are scared, there were some people upset and yelling at our broker. We don’t know what to do, I think the Fed won, they always do.

    “‘Twere to consider too curiously, to consider so.” William Shakespeare

  13. Bodz says:

    Don’t expect inflation next year. Bloodbath in housing and recession – yes.
    What is the bond market telling you? 10 yr now at 4.32.
    Mos supply on existing houses at 10.5
    Can’t stop this foreclosure train.

  14. justin says:

    Give it to me in fire-wood, so I can heat the place! T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creator was stirring not even the frozen mouse….