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8 Responses to “Here Comes Another Bubble”

  1. ZackAttack says:

    I somehow came across this in the links. Fun to watch now.


    Only Bear Stearns will be affected. And maybe the Germans. But it’ll be a drop in the bucket there.

  2. That is good stuff.

  3. Groty says:

    Assuming the video ZackAttack links to originally aired on The Street.com shortly before it was added to YouTube on July 16, that is less than three weeks before Cramer’s infamous, “They know nothing” meltdown on CNBC.

  4. Cramer July 16, 2007
    “What subprime?”

    Cramer August 3, 2007
    “We have armageddon”


  5. Now that was funny! Funny and so true.

    Only question now is – What’s the next bubble?

  6. Today’s Housing Bubble Post – Tech Bubble

    This is the story of part of my life: h/t Big Picture There’s more ……

  7. Jeff says:

    Anyone know where the Tech Bubble video went. Seems to be unavailable. Does that mean it was removed from YouTube?