Congrats to my pal Paul the K on his new web TV gig with Yahoo:

Yahoo TechTicker To Go After CNBC Crowd: The show will be called TechTicker, and it launches
in January. The goal is to attract the CNBC crowd – people who want to be
immersed in finance news all day long.  The hosts include Henry Blodget (Silicon Alley Insider), Sarah Lacy (Business Week columnist) and
Paul Kedrosky, plus one additional person who
has yet to be named. The team will produce 10-20 original segments per week day,
which will be shown live on the site. When live content isn’t streaming, old
content will show on a loop.

Look out, Howard, they are coming after you!


via TechCrunch

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9 Responses to “TechTicker”

  1. justin says:

    I just looked at the SOX’s…CNBC is trying to make this technical rally in simi’s a new frontier for the Tech Stocks. Talk about a bunch of snake salesmen! Let’s get this market up at all cost!!! Oh and Bob Pissonti (spelling?) says that the markets are moving because of the surprise in the jobs number, productivity, etc. Somehow I see it as slightly edging the FED over into the 25 basis camp or no cut. But the Longs run with it higher. Oh, my what a silly game this is. Sure to come back and bite the Economy in the ass!

  2. peter from oz says:

    can’t see why there’s even a flutter of worry about MBIA and the other Insurers
    Moody’s only said “likely”
    This gives Paulson plenty of time to include them in the “mortgage freeze” package
    All they require is a massive injection of capital and the US taxpayer has plenty of that left after they ultimately pony up for the initial part of the “freeze”
    an even cooler deal would be to let a big insurer “merge” with the failed mortgage insurers but have the Feds guarantee any losses to date but (and this is important)allow the “saviour” entity to use the accounting tax losses anyhow
    (same deal as the S&Ls)
    and it can all be done by 11/08
    the abyss just gets deeper and deeper
    rgds pcm

  3. Cynic says:

    Blodget – a felon talking about stocks. A match made in heaven.

  4. joe says:

    cynic, blodgett is no felon. he was the scapegoat for an industrywide practice. his commentary on new media is far more insightful than any of the shills still working on Wall St. If you think blodgett did anything different than Mary Meeker or Anthony Noto I have some waterfront property in Pyongyang to sell.

  5. Eclectic says:


    I’ve got an idea for us to pass the time with while the Fed is f’ing up and letting the financial system unravel.

    Let’s advance the discussion of 512 of the DMCA?… Say yeah?

    I mean… we’ve beat the crap out of everything else, right? ADP, GDP, Housing, Subprime, Liquidity and Illiquidity. There’s hardly anything else left to pick a fight over.

    We could debate the reasons for ofadding I suppose, but it didn’t get much attention.

    We could plot out some more Death Row Inmate strategy. We could play spin-the-bottle for a 10-Y-T yield.

    Like any of these?

  6. cynic, blodgett is no felon.

    technically true, but he did agree to be banned from his previous career for lying

    he was the scapegoat for an industrywide practice.

    which doesn’t make him innocent, or the practice right

    his commentary on new media is far more insightful than any of the shills still working on Wall St.

    not saying much, even if true

    If you think blodgett did anything different than Mary Meeker or Anthony Noto I have some waterfront property in Pyongyang to sell.

    no deal — clearly he was not the only one

  7. bring it on. thx for even including me in this great company.

  8. VJ says:

    According to the Federal Reserve, some two million homeowners who took out mortgage loans with low teaser rates face pricey loan resets in 2008 alone, which could result in the loss of their homes.

    According to Paulson, the mortgage rate freeze plan to be announced by the administration tomorrow will help “thousands of homeowners“.

    Well, that solves THAT problem.

  9. Hal says:

    Blodgett, Abby Joseph Cohen, anybody whats the difference–

    forget about the legality–they were wrong big time and like todays subprime homeowners, receive no consequences for their mistakes.

    My broker of 1970 who made me a lot of money quit the brokerage business in 73–not to start a fund, but to trade for his own account–invest was a better term. He told me what did he need the aggrevation of dealing with a bunch of clients for–he could make a nice living without the stress and had more time to research–so afterwards he was making even better investments.

    So the Cohens at goldman, etal, whats their goals–how do they make millions and create tremendous wealth outside their own portfolios?

    Goldman does not make that much on a 400 ticket once a week for an account.