I mentioned this release as one of my favorites for 2007; As I noted,

This self-released album was a bold departure from the
overwrought, over-complicated previous albums. Guitar-centric
compositions, more straight forward rock sound colors the entire

These  are much more user friendly and accessible than some of their prior difficult albums (think OK Computer or Hail to the Thief). There is a delicate, uncomplicated beauty to the songs that stays with you long after the album ends. 

Because of the way the band chose to release the album, this disc
gets the nod for the album of the year that could change the music
business — and scares the living shit out of dying music labels.

Now that the hubbub has died down, the band released the physical disc on New Years Day — and its only $7.99 at Amazon.

I like supporting artists, and even though I owned the tracks already, I bought the CD. (You should, too).


Radiohead In Rainbows video
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11 Responses to “In Rainbows”

  1. schaz says:


    The bonus disc that comes with the box set is especially good also.

  2. Crab Nebula says:

    Radiohead fans are nearly religious about the band….and I’m one of them.

    I think history will reveal their reputation to be even larger than it is now. They are prolific, too.

    This is their 5th straight outstanding release. I would not characterize their other work as “overwrought” at all. They are artists. They explore and push boundaries and experiment. I bet they needed to go as far out as they could to be able to come back and deliver a more “traditional” recording like this with freshness. And they did – In Rainbows to me is the equal of any work they’ve done.

    How many artists have a 6th album rank so highly in their own catalog? They are fully in the pantheon with the great bands.

    For the non-initiated, they combine gorgeous melodies with intricate, multi layered arrangements and widely varying instrumentation. Their songs are often structured very dramatically, and build to climaxes; they are often anthem like, but they can also do great grooves (In Rainbows is groovy).

  3. Casey says:

    Have you, though, listened to the fabled 01 and 10 (interlacing In Rainbows and OK Computer)?

    The tracks fit together quite well – give it a listen (if you haven’t yet).

  4. Adam says:

    I agree the bonus disc has some gems. Last Flowers To The Hospital Up On The Ladder and Bangers & Mash recommended.

  5. 12th percentile says:

    big radiohead fan. All albums. Several concerts(if they ever make those free, look out, the who will lose their title for “most trampled”).

    Somehow the invisible hand made me decide that a free low res version was good enough.

    No wonder they keep the invisible hand handcuffed in solitary these days.

  6. Love Radiohead. My husband and I met on their messageboard. I have the grinning bear tattooed on my back. yeah–religious is a good word to describe some fans.

    In rainbows is a VERY cool album; it does not disappoint. The fact that they asked people to pay what they wanted to is also a pretty cool experiment as well.

  7. tom c. says:

    go to youtube and search “scotch radiohead” to see an in-studio performance of the album “in rainbows”.

    also check out the soundtrack to “there will be blood” … composed by jonny greenwood & absolutely fantastic listening

  8. Tyler says:

    How in the hell can you call OK Computer a “difficult” album? Not sheepish enough for the masses I guess. How pathetic.

  9. Ian says:

    Radiohead fans are nearly religious about the band….and I’m one of them.

    And I’m one of those that just doesn’t get this. I like ‘Karma Police’. ‘Creep’ provokes an almost reflexive station changing response when I hear it on the radio. Aside from those two, Radiohead is one big “meh”.

    Logically, anything I don’t understand is therefore wrong.

  10. Ian
    Check out “The Bends”.

    Trust me, you’ll be hooked.

  11. Valter says:

    Is In Rainbows a front runner for best album of 2007 or 2008? Not sure. All I can say is that I was a bit disappointed by Hail to the Thief. It sounded like a mix of OK Computer and Kid A (One of my favorites). In Rainbows is my new Radiohead favorite because it seems to break new musical ground while maintaining incredible songwriting at the same time. I also love the organic sound. I feel like they’re playing in my living room. It’d be easy for Radiohead to just crank out the same thing over and over. To hear any band do new things is exhilerating. For a band like Radiohead, who’s been around for so long and is already so good, is just amazing.