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Predictions on
Target: Calls for
2008, with Barry Ritholtz, Fusion IQ CEO/director of equity research, and CNBC’s
Erin Burnett

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23 Responses to “Squawk Video”

  1. michael schumacher says:

    money Quote of the day:

    That view was shared by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. On Tuesday, it released its December survey of economic trends affecting small businesses, which found that its members still plan to add jobs and boost spending.

    “Overall, no recession in the data, just slow growth with, unfortunately, higher than desired inflation,” wrote William Dunkelberg, the federation’s chief economist.

    That’s called a recession in case you need to figure out what he just said…LOL


  2. D H says:

    B.R., I think it would be very interesting to monitor how much demand your win creates for Fusion IQ and you. We know people chase the hot hand, but now you can run a very quantifiable experiment. If you are willing to share the results with us in “general” terms, that would be cool.

    All the best. You deserve the increasing attention, luck or not.


  3. JT says:

    Nice suit! Are you deferring to the hosts or are the hosts deferring to you?

  4. John Borchers says:

    Nice picks. Luck or not.

    Now we got the Fed telling the truth and the market isn’t listening.

    “Bernanke: Oil, Housing, Stock Mkt To Weigh On Consumer In’08″

    How could the stock mkt weigh on consumer unless he thinks it’s going down?

    They totally ignored this.

  5. OT: Just on Yahoo, “B-52″ Ben says they’ll lower interest rates as needed. He still doesn’t get it obviously. Just more proof that Ben doesn’t care about inflation as long as he can help big business.

  6. bucky katt says:

    Nice predictions! I tried posting when you first posted it, but there is a problem with your spam filter.

  7. Estragon says:

    Joe Klein’s conscience,

    Although apparently ignored in media reports, BB’s speech includes a fairly strong inflation reference:

    “However, any tendency of inflation expectations to become unmoored or for the Fed’s inflation-fighting credibility to be eroded could greatly complicate the task of sustaining price stability and reduce the central bank’s policy flexibility to counter shortfalls in growth in the future.”

    He also explicitly mentions food and energy price increases as having the potential to lead to rising expectations for core inflation.

  8. techy2468 says:

    i hate to repeat.

    but i think its common sense that danger to economy/jobs will always beat inflation concerns.

    and of course no administration wants a recession on their watch, when all you have to do is postpone the pain for 12 more months.

    we will get rate cut after rate cut, then there will be different stimulus to help economy at the cost of future pain.

  9. Eric Davis says:

    What I love is that “reduced growth” with increased inflation, is worse than recession.

    Barry, Uncle Ben either is, or is trying to Appear more dovish, than I was beating(Fucking Coward)

    I want to listen to the speech about 4 more times.

    The bulls will say that a .50 is guaranteed, and if he doesn’t do it. The market will be punished Severely.

    They won’t dare to cut less than .50… he just painted himself in a corner.

  10. Bob A says:

    did you have to pay a fine for being honest on CNBC?

  11. SINGER says:

    Dude, you were cogent…

  12. Estragon:
    I would have asked “B-52″ Ben what exactly would worry him re: inflation. BR has been pointing out that inflation is higher than the Fed likes to admit. Id he gonna wait till gold gets to $1,200 before he becomes worried. And what happens if rate cuts don’t solve the problem?

  13. Don says:


    First, nice suit…I’d wear one too if I was doing TV, if only because of the fuss and attention trying to be stylish (Jobs’ turtlenecks come to mind, although they are almost a uniform the way he wears them) would draw. A decent suit just lets people concentrate on the message, and not on you.

    When, oh when will BB quit w/ the nonsense that there is a trade-off between inflation and growth? Stick to managing the money supply, Ben. Growth will come or not, but you can’t cause it by printing more dollars than the economy needs. This is one of those invalid causation/correlation relationships that just drives me nuts.

  14. Michael C. says:

    BofA in talks to buy Countrywide. Wow.

  15. D H says:

    Ben’s comments suggest that the Fed will come strong with the 50 point cut. As noted above, otherwise he just purposely created a sure-fire market tank if the Fed comes weak with 25 points off …

  16. Stuart says:

    This would’ve been great to mention on air. Mark would’ve thrown a hissy fit.

    Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

    An honest error? Remember all the glee on this one when the wrong number was released.

    NAPM-Chicago revises Dec PMI to 52.0 from 56.6
    Tue Jan 8, 2008 11:25am EST

    CHICAGO, Jan 8 (Reuters) – The National Association of Purchasing Management-Chicago on Tuesday released annual revisions to its monthly business barometer, revising the December reading to 52.0 from 56.6 reported on Dec. 28.

    The revisions also showed November’s barometer at 50.8, below the 52.9 originally reported and barely in expansionary territory.

    A reading above 50 indicates expansion and one below 50 indicates contraction in regional business activity. (Reporting by Ros Krasny; Editing by James Dalgleish)

  17. Don says:

    B of A has to buy CFC unless it wants to see its $2b investment of just a few months ago disappear forever into Bernanke’s beard. Do you mark to model or market when insolvency looms? Double down, Ken, and see if you can win back a few chips before B of A has its own solvency issues.

  18. Eric Davis says:

    Ya, why lose 2billion when you can loose 100

  19. Jeff says:

    Very nice appearance. We all enjoyed watching and it should be good for your new venture.

  20. red95king says:

    Now on to the important stuff..does Erin look as good in person as on TV ?

  21. Rob says:

    Awesome.Grea to see you on TV Barry.
    Rob Wallaston

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