According to Reuters, Washington Mutual is now accepting beads and blankets as mortgage payments:


click thru for heap big trouble, paleface:



The Reuter’s newswire story ran in both the NYTimes and Washington Post


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13 Responses to “Embarrassing Typo of the Day”

  1. Marcus Aurelius says:

    The really shiny beads are worth more.

  2. James Bednar says:

    According to Reuters, Washington Mutual is now accepting beads and blankets as mortgage payments

    I hear the Fed window is accepting aluminum cans and deposit bottles, what makes that so odd?

  3. AGG says:

    WM is up 28% with a volume of 154 million!

  4. If you type “WaMu” into Microsoft Word, the spellcheck detects it as a mispelled word and the first suggested replacement word is “Wampum.”

    MS Word does not recognize the word, “Blog,” either. The first suggested replacement word is “Bog.”

    Are these “freudian” errors, intentional, or just MS being “behind the times?”

  5. Dave LoPresti says:

    Perhaps they have been spending too much time at Foxwoods.

  6. Chief Tomahawk says:

    HA! Wampum makes a comeback!!!!!!!!

  7. How about this gem from the AP a few weeks ago?

    100 Million of 100 Billion

  8. Cal says:

    Wampum >>> Dollars

  9. John F. says:

    Here’s hoping the private equity guys in question don’t turn out to be Indian givers.

  10. Darkness says:

    What throws me is the Brits (some of them, worse yet, not all) define “billion” as a million million or, a trillion to the rest of the world. For things like this:
    It is quite clear, because there is no way in hell their gdp is only 1.3 billion, as it says there.

    Gotta love those numbers: personal debt to gdp is 1:1. They make us yanks look like tightwads.

  11. MBW says:

    Geez, we’ve been found out. Now all the neighbors are going to come out of the woodwork for handouts.

    BTW, paleface “joke” not too funny.

  12. Scott in Chicago says:

    Just another sign of the decline of Western Civilization-no one proofreads anything now. Spell checkers may be quicker,but they’re not infallible.