OMG, this is frickin’ hysterical:


Thanks, Aaron

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25 Responses to “Mocking Finance Web Videos”

  1. ryan says:

    He didn’t even mention Cramer.

  2. kevin says:

    funniest thing ive seen all year


    The only thing I can say is that, if the gang on Wall Street were as ethical as that kids dealer, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in right now.

    Have a good one…


  4. Eric says:

    Dude, you think he has a Dell?

  5. wnsrfr says:

    Ken Fisher = Beavis…or is it Butthead? In either case, he does a fantastic imitation…who would have thought?

  6. Rob Dawg says:

    “Smoke a fat one?” Where did that kid learn that?

    MST2K for the money crowd.

  7. Marcus Aurelius says:


  8. Egg says:

    Very excellent!

  9. TempusFugit says:

    Q: “Smoke a fat one?” Where did that kid learn that?

    A: Elite UES private middle-school paid for by his daddy’s money — which he made, of course, in the markets.

  10. lurker says:

    who fused Ken Fisher’s neck?
    mayhaps it melted by his hearth!!!
    laughed until I cried.

  11. Whammer says:

    “Captain Haggard Scraggly”!!!


  12. Mongo says:

    Is it just me, or with the intercutting, and Brett’s voice and hand gestures: Did anyone else expect this to morph into “Ask A Ninja About Finance”?

  13. chad says:

    Current: dumbin it down for the pothead children of racist imperialist lackeys

  14. Al Einstein says:

    Funny video. Someone needs to tell Ken Fisher he has the perfect face for radio. He scares people with that mug and lisp.

  15. john wellman says:

    just a few days ago I noticed Ken Fisher on His infomercial kept playing as I navigated the site. Professionally I have no opinion of him. Publically, at least on video he is a goober. Hopefully he makes somebody happy, cuz it’s not me!

  16. Ross says:

    Fisher is a Cramer wannabe. If he doesn’t take me off his mailing list I’ll scream!

  17. Darkness says:

    Mongo beat me to it. I sat there thinking… hey is this the Ninja’s younger brother, or what?

    “For the rich people, by the rich people.”

    Sums up the hearings too.

  18. pride says:


    You carp about Bloomberg’s crappy silent videos…but now your video is both silent & blank. Which is worse???

    Nice job!



    BR: The video + audio plays fine on my Dell and my Mac. Anyone else have a problem running this?

  19. Bad Home Cook says:

    Out of the mouths of babes….

    God I’m feeling old…

  20. Clever and entertaining but, if he knows so much about the media sources he is panning, then he must have been watching and reading them for quite some time…

    Why didn’t he go to a different website, change the channel or pop in something he would rather watch, such as a Cheech & Chong DVD?

    Complaining and making fun of the media is like telling people that self-torture should be made illegal…

  21. Al Czervic says:

    It wasn’t that funny. And why did they have a clip of Frankenstein near the end? I didn’t get that part.

  22. me says:

    Is the first guy an adult emo ?? I did not know they grow up that fast !

  23. The love of money is rather infantile.

  24. ef says:

    Cool! How everyone else really thinks ;-) Could use a lot more of this “keeping it real”.

    My favorite representation came from a SNL skit, where Chris Parnell plays the mutual fund CEO, Peter Burke. It’s an annual meeting, after the crash, and investors are asking questions. So you get dialog like:

    Investor #4: Is there any chance the stocks might rebound this year?

    Peter Burke: I’m really the wrong guy to ask. I got completely out of stocks in late ’99, and I haven’t followed the market since.

    Investor #5: You got out of the market three years ago?

    Peter Burke: Yes. You see.. around that time, we at Global Century became convinced that stocks were headed for a crash, and that bonds were the safer bet. And, we were right. My own bond portfolio is up nearly 30%.

    Investor #5: But, if you were moving out of stocks and into bonds three years ago, why were your brokers telling people like me to do the exact opposite.

    Peter Burke: Well, obviously, if you think, as we did, that stocks are heading down, and you want to unload them before a crash, you have to convince somebody out there to buy them. That’s just common sense. [ a hand is raised ] Yes?

  25. JudgeJudy says:

    I miss Bill Hicks.