WSJ: Luxury Real Estate Sales in S. Florida

Marketwatch: Housing Market Recedes Further

Category: Real Estate, Video

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3 Responses to “Real Estate Video WSJ, Marketwatch”

  1. David says:

    Very nice and accurate video.

    Obviously, the speaker does not know the difference between South Florida (Miami-Ft.Lauderdale-West Palm Beach) and West Florida (Tampa-Sarasota-Siesta Key, etc.).

    Otherwise the examples given are not out of the ordinary and represent the state of real estate in the “Sunshine State.” You fill in the blank.

  2. anon says:

    wow…lol…thanks for that….I have relatives in the Tampa to Sarasota areas and have been visiting there since 1974… recently (last five to seven years) I haven’t been back there much, what with some new kids and all. From my albeit limited knowledge of this article, I wouldn’t even pay half of what these people are asking (yes, I can afford it….even without a loan…lol) and that’s knowing that the hurricane’s have been especially mild there the past 20 years…If the weather is turning colder and it gets like the 70′s again, some of those people are gonna have the ocean waves lapping up at their back doors…lol…at least Florida has always been better prepared than Louisiana when it comes to hurricane preparations…get to those high schools/shelters early folks!