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5 Responses to “Bronfman on Internet, Apple & Music”

  1. John says:

    With due respect Mr Bronfman is a rich kid who squandered his family patrimony and f#$&* up a great business. Not exactly my favored role model.

  2. tim says:

    How refreshing to see someone in the music industry not yell bloody murder about how the internet is destroying them especially after U2s managers rant earlier in the week.


    Per your comment its quite clear you didn’t even listen to the video. thanks for your enlightened commentary.

  3. Nate says:

    I listened to the video, and yup, he’s the same clueless middleman in a disintermediation world. John is right, he’s messed up the family name repeatedly and this video shows he still doesn’t get what’s coming. He still thinks he has a right to profit from an outdated business model. “What could we have done differently” and still made our riches, he asks. That’s his problem, he thinks there must be a way for him to be a middleman and profit off the rest of us.

  4. howard says:

    tim, i’m with john: i see no reason to watch the video. bronfman has an actual track record, and it’s of the sort that causes you to have no interest in what he has to say….

  5. We would all be wise to remember an earlier post from BR on the dishonorable leadership at WMG.

    Speaks for itself.