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9 Responses to “False Housing Turnaround Expectations”

  1. new says:

    And the correction is far from over. And for how long will home sale activity be virtually nil? Until 2011.

    Doesn’t ANYBODY remember the S&L collapse? It was less than 20 years ago. “They’ll never learn.”

  2. grumpyoldvet says:

    This should make Lou Dobbs head along with many xenophobes heads explode.. Fome Bloomberg this AM.

  3. Mike in NOLA says:

    This won’t stop or corrupt government from bailing out the authors of this mess. So, the guys who got billions in profits and bonuses will have to take a 10% hit on the loans for the privilege of dumping them onto us. Big Deal. Eighteenth Century Britain has nothing on us for corruption.

    Senate seen approving housing rescue bill

    Old George Carlin had it about right:
    George Carlin: education and the owners of America

  4. stuart says:

    99% of analysts and economists have been trailed far behind what’s unfolding in the real estate market. They have totally missed grasping the scale and depth of the credit market’s deterioration. That long haired gentlemen that debated Peter Schiff on numerous times come to mind to typify most of their positions.

  5. Marc Authier says:

    99% of economists are prostitutes. Most of them have no credibility whatsoever. They didn’t miss anything. They weren’t paid by their bosses to say the truth. It’s part of their contract. Reapeat afte me. No inflation. No unemployment. No credit crisis. See it’s easy.

  6. ThatGuy says:

    My buddy Larry Yun says a rebound is right around the corner.

  7. Scott says:

    Uh..if the powers that be are going to put real estate cheerleaders on the screen so frequently, can’t they at least LOOK like cheerleaders. If I’ve gotta listen to fluffy nonsense like this, I want to hear it from some girls gone wild…

  8. Gary says:

    Interesting to see what Dolores said 2 years ago: from an article about C. Thornburg leaving UCLA forecast: USC forecaster Dolores Conway remains more optimistic even though the inventory of unsold houses is growing and sellers are making priceconcessions to close deals.”There is still a strong demand for housing, especially in Southern California,” said Conway, director of the school’s Casden Real EstateEconomics Forecasting Project. “Everything we see is consistent with a soft landing.”

  9. John says:

    ThatGuy, did you even watch the video?

    She said markets will fall another 30% and then bottom out for some time. I fail to see how that makes her a real estate cheerleader.

    I should stop reading these comments. They are becoming more and more obtusely negative and just retarded.