Cool interactive map of the Political Blogosphere — now if only it were 3D !


Presidential Watch 08   

Thanks, Dave!

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4 Responses to “Presidential Watch ’08 Political Blogsphere Map”

  1. Alaskan Pete says:

    Kinda neat. On a somewhat related topic (cool netware), my roomate last night showed me this new browser plug-in he was running (in Firefox, IIRC) that would display Google image search results in a 3-D sort of display similar to the look of the album covers thing in iTunes.

    Having used internet since the time of the “Lynx” psuedo browser in the days when dial-in bulletin board services were all the rage, I gotta say….this is one of the coolest web related features I’ve seen. Not particularly productive or useful in the normal sense, but one hell of a “Wow” factor.

  2. Alaskan Pete says:

    Ok, so the plug-in is called “PicLens”, and it’s free. In addition to Google image searches, it also works when searching YouTube, Smugmug, Photobucket, Yahoo, Flickr, etc.

    Check it out:

  3. sysin3 says:

    Uh, why ?

    Other than wasting a lot of bandwidth, I don’t see the purpose.

    (disclosure: I -am- and old fart ;-)

  4. Doug says:

    This is interesting. But, after searching the term “infopit”, it seems no one is sure what it means. Can you find out and share it with us?